Best sounding new DAC under $2500?

I'm looking for a DAC ideally released in the last 6 months (since they get dated so fast) that is a best bank for the buck. If that happens to be a $1000 DAC instead of one for $2500 - great!

I've heard good things about a NAD and PSAudio DAC but not sure which model.
My guess is that the Modwright will be well over $2500. Their new phono head amp is north of $7k
The BMC sounds interesting. Has anyone tried it directly into the amp via it's preamp function? The Chord Hugo is also intriguing considering it's raved about sound and MAC and iWhatever friendliness. They're both about the same price too.

Given I'm just looking to use this for a dedicated 2 channel rig might the BMC be the better choice given no power chord on the Hugo?
I second Dtc's recommendation for the Chord. I own the Qute HD with Teddy Pardo power supply and I love it. Previously had a Wyred DAC 2 (not the SE upgraded version, so that is probably worth a look as well -- Wyred folks are great to deal with). When I bought the DAC2, I liked it better than the Benchmark in my system. But the Qute was the largest upgrade (next to speakers) in my system (especially for redbook CD). And as Dtc mentioned, the Hugo is supposed to be better than the Qute in every way.
isn't the Bel Canto 2.5 in that price range? if it's a bit more, I'd say it's worth it.

I'd not overlook what the BC line up offers prior to pulling my wallet out.

. excellent audio and versatility lay in the entire point 5 line up. Even if nothing else is later added on like one of their USB links, or some other brand USB link..

I’ve heard a number of DAC along the way, and BC is definitely worth looking into if the sound is what really matters.
I have a Wyred4Sound DAC-2 that I am about to send in for the SE upgrade, that includes the femto clock and other component improvements. I will post a review when it is back and I've had a chance to listen. $1299 plus shipping one way. I am already very happy with this DAC so I am very interested to see where this will take it.