Best Sounding Monoblocks in $900-$1500 Range?

Recently purchased a pair of Usher Be 718's and heard a great demo at the local dealer, Musical Fidelity KW 550 monoblocks with a tube pre--- unbelievable sound!!!

Wondering if i can come up with something close. The Ushers are quite ineffficient and really open up with 150-200 watts or more of power. Will be using with a tube pre.

The more power the better, looking for a great musical monoblock amp pair that will hopefully sound better than a standard 150 watt amp.

Won't go much over $1500-$1600 (used), at that point, just better to buy the KW550 amps. Thanks
Channel Island D-200 used.
The TAD "hibachi" monoblocks are worth checking out. They meet your price/power needs and really do sound kinda "tube like", something I'd say about few other ss amps.

Ignore the silly model name.

used VAS