Best sounding mid reciever -temp replace separates

I would like to temporarily replace my NAD M-15 preamp and get a mid priced reciever hopefully under $1000 bucks that has a high quality anolog/digital music output

Primarily due to the change in this pre amp to HD and little kids. The matching amp will stay in the box for a few years

Any sugesstions
check the new harman kardon receivers
go vintage ... check out the AudioAsylum "Vintage Asylum" page for recommendations ... the golden age of receivers was years ago
Top two

Onkyo TX-SR806

Denon AVR-3808CI

Next two

Sony STR-DA4400ES

Pioneer Elite SC-05

These are all outstanding receivers - competition is fierce in this market segment, you win.
That's actually what i was looking for and I should have put " AV reciever" in the title-but thanks anyway to Jrinkerptdnet for that vintage link

How about marantz?
Marantz is fine. I just think Denon and Onkyo have the best combination of performance and user friendliness of all the current offerings.

For Marantz, I suggest SR7002 THX® Select2 Surround Receiver

For Yamaha, I suggest RX-V1900 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver

Again, these are all great sounding for what they are - basically 7 amps in a box. Buy the one that looks the best on your shelf, has the most desired features or layout, cost the least or is most compatible with your current remote.
Cambridge Audio may fit your needs. Great sound and build.
what are the speakers you're using and what about the room?
I am using sonus faber concerto's ,piccolo center and walls as surrounds -listeneing about 12' from the front speakers