Best sounding MFSL LP

No, I haven't heard them all and quite frankly have been dissappointed in most, however they do get it right sometimes. Just wanted to get your top 2 or 3 MOFI (LP) titles of all time. Maybe this would best be accomplished by releases in certain decades but time is short.

This is mine.

David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust".
Crime of the Century.

If there's a better release, I haven't heard it.
I have almost all of the MOFI vinyl released since the beginning. My favorites are:

Rickie Lee Jones-Rickie Lee Jones
Blood Sweat and Tears-Blood Sweat and Tears
Elvis Costello-My Aim is True
Ry Cooder-Jazz

I also think the Patricia Barber Box Sets are very good.
I agree with MoFi on most of his MoFi list but want to add
Little Feat Waiting for Columbus
Moody Blues Seventh Sojourn
Patricia Barber Cafe Blue is my favorite of hers
Natilie Merchant Tigerlily

And that is all I have to day about that!
I have quite a few, my favorites are:

Deja Vu


Crime of the Century (UHQR)

Close To The Edge

I Robot (UHQR)

A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra (every good Jewish boy, like me, needs a copy of this one. Oy vey!)

Armstrong and Ellington Recording Together For The First Time (Not the recent release of this, but the much older one from the first MoFi is distinctly better)

The Nightfly (yes, it's from an early digital master, but it's the best copy of this fantastic album out there and slays the messy, screwy job they did on Aja)
Get the arrows out, but I have many, many of them, and with a few exceptions love them all, not very many disappointments.

But, my fav's are the Beatles Box. I love the sound. Yes I have heard some of the Japanese colored vinyl mono's and they are better. But I love the MFSL box.

Next for me would be:

The Cars

Pixies - Doolittle

Supertramp - Crime of the Century
Anyone have any opinion on Billie Holiday " Body & Soul"? Just came across a sealed copy I forgot I bought years ago, 200 gram, ser.# 752. Dont know if I should open her up and give it a spin or sell it. Dying to know how it sounds...

"Get the arrows out, but I have many, many of them, and with a few exceptions love them all, not very many disappointments"

I TOTALLY agree! Like I said above, I have almost all of them and find very few disappointments also. By far, my favorite audiophile reissue label.
I demur on the quality of the early MoFis. It's really sad that they did such a nice job with obscure titles that no one wants like Steeleye Spann's "All Around My Hat" and totally missed the most important opportunities of all by screwing up Sticky Fingers, Aja, The Doors, etc. IMHO, there are really too many to list that suffer the intolerable smile EQ.
Muddy Waters-Folk Singer
john klemmer-Touch, for one.
I agree with Slaw-"Ziggy Stardust" is great. Then again, it
would sound good even on a wax cylinder. One of my favorites is Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat". One more-"Ricki Lee Jones," self-titled first album.
Beck's "Sea Change" sounds awesome to me.
From those I own, the old Neil Diamond 'Hot August Night' is a remarkable cut.
And Muddy Waters 'Folk Singer' is legend.
MFSL must do vinyl much better then the do digital. Crime of the Century
And Aja are average at best on gold CDs IMO

Getz/Gilberto, Muddy Waters 'Folk Singer', Billie Holiday 'Body and Soul'--yes Winoguy 17 this is the 'real deal', fantastic in both analog and digital, AKUS live, Cat Stevens, Tea.., Mulligan meets Webster,Baez- Diamonds and Rust, Ella and Louis again...and more.
Agree with audiofeil. Crime of the Century is the best one I have. Sea Change is good but not quite up to the original and Waiting for Columbus is also quite good.