Best sounding, involving vinyl you own...

I recently purchased, on a whim, a 7", 45rpm Walter Egan, "Magnet & Steel"/ "Tunnel O' Love".

WOW!!! This little record produces some of THE best, most analog sound of ANY vinyl record I own!!

It's the "slow, steady , grooves" baby! Yes!, this will get you movin'!
We'll see. Just bought a mint copy on Ebay for $2.50.
One of mine is a 12" single of ZZ Top Velcro Fly. The dynamics are huge and the soundstage is as open as the sky. Listening to the album release is a major let down which sounds flat, conjested and compressed as hell.

Anytime I come across a 12" single of an artist I like, I buy it without a second thought. Got some Van Halen 12" singles as well that sound pretty damn good, much better than the album releases!