Best sounding integrated between $1500-$3000

There seems to be a lot more new integrated amps on the market recently, and also a fair amount of used pieces on AG. I have seen other threads in the past on AG asking:.... "Best integrated Period"

I have even posted about older integrateds, and was surprised at the response for Musical Fidelity "300" series IAs. There are ads for used good to very good condition integrateds like YBA, Edge, Krell, Redgum, Pathos, Audio by Van Altine, etc.. I think the question should be amended to include the attached rider: :What is (not only) the best sounding integrated amps BUT best value between $1500-$3000??
Sunnyjim, I have had the same questions about the CM and also live in HNL. The Rogue guys referred me to a dealer in Berkeley who seems to be a good guy and straightforward. I have plans to get one sometime this year once I move some if my other equipment per agreement with the wife. I listened last year and was VERY impressed.
A Used Decware Zen TorII Mk3 for around $2000.00 and then add some nice used strong testing or NOS Mullard Power tubes and some nice Amperex Gold pin Input tubes and you will climb to entire new level. Google Decware TorII Mk3 and check it out. It will crush the Creek - MF - Krell SS integrated's IMHO...
Take a hard look at any of the amps in the hegel integrated lineup. Used they are all within your budget except for the h-300. Don't think you can go wrong with any of them. Plus they have taken home mid-priced intergrated amp of the year in the Absolute Sound for the pas 3 yrs. must be doing something right. I have the h-200 and I think it's amazing.
I put a good power cord on a Wyred4Sound STI-500 and was VERY happy. Sounded like the benefits of tube & ss without the negatives of either, IMO.
Bought used for $1,450.