Best Sounding In Walls

I am basically a two channel guy. I have a dedicated listening room for music however I am building a theater room in my basement and have decided to maximize space by going with in wall speakers. Would like to get information and experiences from those of you who have gone this route. Any and all information is welcome.
I love Dynaudio's Inwalls (IP-24)...Don't get me wrong, I own the Contour 5.4's but the IP-24 inwalls are the best I have heard. However, they are not cheap, at a reatail of $1,400.00 per pair, but they literally blow away other in-walls and compete with some real high-end towers. (Keep in mind I have heard every B&W, Earthquake and Paradigm in-wall).

Tyler T. Mueller
I once saw a system where the biggest Cello speakers where mounted in the wall. Since they are acoustic suspension, they do not need a large cabinet. Since one should still be able to get the speakers from either AR or dynaudio, you could, with big funds, go that route.

Snell AMC2000. I listened to it once while watching U-57 movie. Phew!
How about on walls?
For theater there is nothing I heard that can outperform the Genelec powered inwalls. I have heard a vast majority of the inwall speakers out there(B&W, Paradigm, Snell, Sonance, Monitor Audio, Speakercraft) and some are very good, but for sure output and clarity in my opinion these are the best inwall speakers for a theater.

You might want to check out Legacy Audio's in wall speakers..
Thiel's in wall speakers seem to be getting good reviews.