Best sounding Hybrid Integrated in $2000 range

Downsizing system and want to go with an excellent sounding hybrid integrated of 100--150RMS up to a limit of $2000 Should offer a good phono stage, but not a dealbreaker.

Not sure what speakers will be in this downsized rig, probably a high quality monitor, or small footprint floor stander, e.g. Paradign ImagineT-2, or even a Martin Logan planar. Prefer an amp that is engaging, musical but also dynamic.
You gotta try out the offerings from Vincent. They have a hybrid integrated in your price range that I auditioned a few years ago. I wound up going in another direction, but would have been happy with Vincent.
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Unison Research Unico SE.
Search Cayin vs Bada thread. You might find some good advise.

Rogue Audio Sphinx at $1295 looks like a real winner!
Nice review of the Rogue Sphinx in this month's The Absolute Sound. Sounds like it has the characteristics you're looking for, although it only has a MM phono stage. Seems like a good deal at $1295 ($1395 w/ remote), and fwiw the reviewer bought the review sample. Best of luck.
Another vote for Rogue Audio!
It's not the Sphinx but the Cronus he should be looking at. Find one used with KT120s and add and external phono preamp and you've spent $2000. It will kill the Sphinx.
He's looking for a hybrid.
Dhcod, The OP wants a Hybrid,the Cronus is all tube.Why recommend that amp?
I like my Pathos Classic One very much. I think it's 70 wpc, so that might be a little shy of what you're seeking - but it does yeoman's work with my Sonus Faber Cremonas. They pop up used at +/- $1500, so that leaves adequate change from a $2k bill for a nice phono stage. As a bonus, it's also a GREAT looking piece of gear.

Thanks to all who have responded so far. The Rogue Sphinx is high on the list. Though, I have been tempted by Rogue's CM which is supposed to be better. But, then it is a question of rolling tubes to get the right sound. Hopefully the remote is better than the OPTIONAL REMOTE for the Sphinx.

The other concern with the CM is having to bias the tubes. BTW, there was a CM on sale with almost new tubes. Seller claimed those tubes cost him about $500.00 to replace and/or upgrade. Thanks again.
I also have been using Pathos integrateds with cremora m's for several years. I like the combo very much. I would recommend the Pathos integrated to anyone.
I was loaned a Synthesis Audio Magnum integrated amp from Deja Vu Audio a few weeks back while my amp was in for service. It sounded great a nice balance of SS clarity with a touch of softness from the 6922 input stage. Nice looking too as all Italian gear seems to be and pretty powerful at 100 wpc. Not sure the exact price but saw it online just now for 1000GBP which would put it around the $2K mark perhaps a bit less. Needless to say I was impressed and I am a dyed in the wool tube-a-holic.
Think you might be doing this a bit backwards, especially if you're considering going the all-tubed route. Some speakers need power to open up fully, so it would be a shame if you went with something like the Rogue CM and end up with speakers it can't fully drive (especially since dynamics seem to be important to you). Personally I'd at least figure out which speakers I was going to buy first, fwiw. Best of luck.
Pathos is very musical and can give a 3-dimensional image.
Pathos Twin Tower's are somewhat rare on the used market, but are worth trying if you have speakers sensitive enough to be driven by 30wpc. Best integrated I have owned.
Pathos Twin tower has more more than 30 wpc normally gives. The sound and stage is for the money stunning!!