Best sounding HDCD player??

I know my choices are limited.Just wondering what units stand out.My budget is about $5000.00.I'm currently using a Sonic Frontiers CD-1...
I can't pretend to know the best, but I have heard the Cary CD 303/300 with HDCDs and thought it was very is also a very versatile player.

Cary's new player, the 306 Professional does HDCD and people seem to like it, but I haven't heard it. What's

I guess it boils down to what best means to you, vis-a-vis what you're missing from the Sonic Frontiers
naim cdx2
I've settled on Cary 308-T tubed unit. Has HDCD and also limited upsampling.

Around $1150 used, maybe $1250.

Beat out my other Carys (303/100, 303/200) and also a modified Marantz and also the most recent Sonic Frontiers cd player. (I forget if it was CD-1).

If I had a lot more money I guess I'd try the latest 306 SACD model by Cary, but fully expect that my old 308-T MIGHT sound more enjoyable :)
I always thought my Sonic Frontiers was a little lean in the bass .It's what I think is missing in my system.For the most part the SF cd-1 sound is very nice and never fatiging,and thats important to me.If it only had more weight in the bass.
The APL Denon 3910 decodes HDCD and sounds exceptional. Used machines
are selling for near give-away prices.

If the Denon laser assembly reads discs OK, then there should be no other
service issues with an APL Denon player...

IMHO Cary's latest; the 306 SACD professional is about as good as HDCD gets.
306P cost 8kUSD, there is a CDP from HDCD inventor which is IMHO "little" better
I"ll 2nd the APL Denon 3910 - a great player and currently artificially inexpensive on Agon. Hard, if not impossible, to beat under $10K
Have a listen to the McIntosh MCD301 and MCD500 players, very nice, very easy on the ears.