Best sounding floor speaker for under $1500???

Been told to test KEFq11 and Monitor RS6. Any others??? Please help me. Speaker shopping has been the most frustrating consumer experience I have gone thru...
ohm micro walsh(tall)jaybo
It would be useful if you indicated what kind of music you listen to, size of room, preferred speaker type, associated electronics, etc. - you know, the usual stuff.
I'm not sure what you listen to or your associated equipment but here are a few generic values. I will only quote you used as you will experience so much more pleasure buying a well treated pre-owned speaker. Here we go based on what is for sale right now on A'gon.

Usher CP-6371 (asking $1800, stretch & u wont be sorry)
Vandersteen 3a (asking $950, a good buy)
Vienna Acoustics Beethoven (asking $1800)

There are plenty of others but you could buy the Vandys, some decent cables and save some money. If you list your equipment, cables and musical preferences, more people will be able to help you. Good luck.
Assuming your price threshold is for a new purchase - Totem Sttaf.
Good all around including HT is Definitive Technology. Go audition them.
Eminent Technology LFT-8s. NEW RR $1500/pr.
Second the Ohm except I'd go for the 100's. Their using MkIII drivers now and sound fantastic.
Maggie 1.6's...... New, $1,800.... Used, around 1k. Like the above posters have said; you are really not providing enough info, but if you have the space and power to drive them they are hard to beat IMHO.

I could put a third vote in for the Ohm's, specifically the 100 Series III's. I have had these for a few months now in a smaller-size listening room and I could not ask for more for the money.
eminent tech lft 6 and lft 3--used, martin logan sequels and sequel 2s, apogee caliper and gradient 1.3s .
There are many very good tower speakers in the $1500 range. Especially if willing to buy used!

That said I'll take you a different path, try looking at Jim Salk's and Rick Craig's designs( & Both use top-notch drivers, have furniture grade cabinets, and most importantly, both have a great ear for sound. I especially like Jim's 1801f, which may be a $100 over the above budget. Everybody is their own movie critic but I would put the 1801f against anything you can find in the store in the $3-4k price range.

Good luck in your hunt.

Regards, Jeff

Exactly how are these suggestions coming about when you know nothing about the guys system, room, musical preferences, power, or ANYTHING else. Amazing, simply amazing.

Take the suggestions for what they're worth grousepoint.
pairing an ohm speaker with a room and other equipment is not rocket science. call them. theyve got a money back guar.
check out PSB