best sounding DVD transport?

hello what's the sonically best DVD transport currently available?
Goldmund Eidos 38D without question.Yes I am dealer.
The EAD DVDMaster 8000 Pro is pretty awesome --
Sattothestars. Eidos 38D?

Isn’t that the player Dolly Parton owns ?
hey Albert that was pretty funny. Happy New Year
I think she owns the "DD" version...must be a like a "limited edition"
What, exactly is limited about her additions(sp?).

Anyway, Majames askes a really good question. I am also interested in other suggestions.
The Proceed PMDT.
Really stable now since the v3 software.
Ayre D-1x
Has anyone heard the Thata Digital David or David II. The David got an execelent review.

Rember to take the system as a whole.
Nothing that is stock compares to modded DVD players, even the extremely expensive ones.