best sounding dvd player for under $1,000

who makes the best sounding (2 channel) dvd player for under $1,000?
Arcam DV 78 - awesome for video, and sonically very nearly as good as Arcam's CD 73. A great combination.
If you can find a used Muse model 9, 10 or Thalia, then get one. I have the Thalia and ir=t sounds wonderul. I got it for a great price here on the Gon - $1000.

Arcam's fmj--the plain fmj27 in that price range. Taking into account picture and sound quality.
The Muse 9/10's go for more money.
Jolida makes a killer DVD player that I have yet to see any talk of. It has tubes on the FL & FR analogue outputs. Sonicly it is very good but it also gives you pretty impressive picture quality and picture tweekability. It retails for $1,100 but I'm sure you could talk that price down.

Good luck!