Best Sounding USB Cables?

Due to a system upgrade, I need to go to a longer USB cable than the 0.7m Phasure Lush^2 that I'm using. Before I order another longer Lush, are there any other USB cables $500 or less I should consider?
I highly recommend sablon USB cable. The cable was revised last year and is the best USB cable I have tried so far
Curious cables.

Because you’re curious, your level of personal curiousity will influence the increase in performance. Quantum mechanics at the level of electrons has been unfounded by the uncertainty principle. Therefore, incremental boosts in performance are possible.

Burn them in for about 2 hours using only this song:
Curiosity - Carly Rae Jepsen

To be honest though, the curious cables look like they were designed by the man in yellow hat; and built by Curious George himself.
There’s nothing that influenced the out come with what we heard , I’m mature enough not to fall for any preconceived expectations or any sort of juvenile notions , And certainty nothing was discussed prior to listening I simply asked what vocal sounds the most realistic. 

Another point I like to make the cables were purchased randomly then simply listened to in the system ..The results were repeatable among family members whom could care less for this hobby and a audio friend whom appreciates a great recording.

 Like I said I would of never known how good my server actually is if I stayed with either one of the other USB cables ..

There really is a huge difference in sound between cheap USB cables and really good USB cables. I like the Silver Sonic USB cables. I had a nice looking Chinese USB cable recommended for HiFi audio that I thought sounded really good until I borrowed a Silver Sonic USB cable and could not believe what a difference it made---way more bottom and much more air in the high end. It was a WOW moment and it only got better as it broke in.
Wire , the most confiscatory priced item in this great hobby , lol what do you do ,,,