Best sounding CD player

I am interested in knowing what there think is the best sounding CD player . Some of my favorites are AMR cd-77, Cary 306sacd


let me know what your thoughts are including how the player sounds 


I`m still using and enjoying my Theta Prime & Pearl with a Time Linque unit. It`s not SOTA , but it sounds as good or better than my Yamaha sacd player.  

Best I've ever used is probably Esoteric. It just does everything "right".

I think with all of them there are pros/cons. I've yet to find one I think is perfect.


I was considering Esoteric also before my Luxman purchase. But the bad vibes I was reading about in concern of their customer service issues deflated that idea...

it's not cheap, Project RS2T transport (red book only) and then add a linear power supply, with upgraded  power cable. Put it against anything out there,  BAR NONE. Of course a good DAC is necessary to complete the package. Robert TN

Man, I am really SICK AND TIRED of people doing everything but answering the question. dvdgreco asked about CD players and a bunch of you come telling him/her to go into streaming. It's ABOUT CD PLAYERS. Stick to the topic. You're not getting a commission so stop being a know-it-all. Sheesh.