Best sounding CD player

I am interested in knowing what there think is the best sounding CD player . Some of my favorites are AMR cd-77, Cary 306sacd


let me know what your thoughts are including how the player sounds 



I have had zero issues with the slot loader on the Audiolab. I like it much better than any tray loader I've owned, takes discs smoothly, isn't noisy, and reads discs pretty quickly.....all good there

I was initially impressed when I found that the slot loader mech is the exact same one they use in the flagship 8300CD player....but the sound is where the 6000CDT excels.....but use nice cables on the DIG out to your DAC

I think the luxman would be ace but out of price bracket so went for project rs2 transport and matching rs2 DAC both with desperate power supply. I2S connection so reclocks to DAC too. CD quality blew my separate SACD out of the water which made no sense at all ....

Thank you for sharing your review. It is very thorough and informative.


One comment. The character of streaming service is dependent on your streamer. With the right streamer it will equal the sound quality of files read from a CD. 

Thank you again.