Best sounding CD player

I am interested in knowing what there think is the best sounding CD player . Some of my favorites are AMR cd-77, Cary 306sacd


let me know what your thoughts are including how the player sounds 


Better off going with a separate DAC and transport IMHO.  With streaming on the rise the most R&D is going into DACs, not CD players.  Look at Denafrips Terminator, Mojo Mystique, Aqua, etc.

The Neodio ORIGINE S2 CD player is stunningly good. You can also use it as a streaming dac. Easily some of the best sound I have ever heard in a digital front end.

+1 grannyring’s assessment of the sound and functionality of the Neodio Origine S2 - have one now in my main system since August. Enjoyed the combo of my Mojo Audio Evo DAC & Simaudio 260DT transport , but the Neodio is at another level of SQ.

Sold the Mojo to recoup some cash, have the Sim 260DT in my 2nd system with Modwright Elysee DAC

The problem I have with streaming is the monthly cost for subscription to receive high end quality material. Cd playback can be very good with a great cdp. Unl Ss someone has information on a good streaming service with high quality material that’s free?

which brings me to the use of a high end FM receiver like magnum dynalabs to receive over the air radio stations. Not sure what the quality of that sound would be I presume no where near good streaming