Best sounding CD player for 6,000.

Looking for the best sounding cd player for 6,000 or less. Main interest is redbood cd's.
I will be replacing a cd player. The system consists of Martin Logan Prodigy speakers, ARC LS1 Preamp, Magdum Dynalap MD102 tuner, ML 336 amp.
I've certainly been enjoying Sony's SCD-1 SACD/cd player. The positive reviews from Stereophile on this unit seem to be pretty accurate.
Used Audio Aero Capitole I, Used AudioMeca Mephisto II.
Audio Aero Capitole
Mark Levinson 390s for CD only. If you want SACD also, I second the Sony SCD-1.
I would have nominated the Levinson 39, but I hear the 390S is definitely even better (I haven't heard it yet though). Craig
I have the Krell KPS-28c, and it's a terrific cd player. You should check it out for comparison. In the end, sonic beauty is in the ear of the listener....
Audio Aero Capitole
I agree with all above, also add the DCS Delius plus transort to your list. Several around 4K, plus transport...
There are a lot of good choices here. I use the Electrocompaniet player with a Kora Hermes tube DAC. Together they can be bought for under your budget. The EC is a top loader with less moving parts and is a great stand alone but an even better transport. Both are built extremely solid and blend well together in the looks department.
Audio Aero Capitol
A used Resolution Audio CD 50 for around $1500
Or wait for the new Resolution audio Opus 21 @ 3K
Every review Ihave read on the Audio Aero Capitole compares the sound to the Resolution Audio
I second Lakefrontroads recs. Used Audio Aero Capitole Mk I or a used Audio Mecca Mephisto II
I would also check out the Wadia 860x and 861 CDP's. Very musical units with great functionality.
Muse Thalia 9 v2, give this a shot, I think you would be quite content with this choice.

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If you want something musical a Vecteur transport with a Audio Note Dac Sig 3 1.x would be as good as it gets at this price point.
The new Musical Fidelity nu-vistor (I forget the model #) is the most involving CD player I have yet heard, and that includes the Marantz top of the line, all of Sony's SACD players, Ayre, Forsell Air Transport and many others. Haven't heard some of those mentioned here though.
Who sells the Vecteur Transport?
True Sound (Nick Gowan) in Campbell, CA sells the Vecteur transport.
I think the Wadia would make your Prodigy sing !!!
The BAT VK-D5 is very good. Other options are the Linn Ikemi, Ayre CX-7 CD player or a used Meridian 508.24. In any case, I suggest you borrow some players and listen to them in your system. cheers........
I second the Ikemi, which is considerably less than 6k, especially if you can find one used. It has a great sound and excellent build quality. The Metronome also sounds very nice.
The Sony SCD-1 is killer. A friend has it and I borrowed it for while and never wanted to give it back! Just amazing (for a Sony?) and you get Sacd as a bonus (I just listened to redbook). Arthur
Meridian 588 is pretty good. Can be a little bright on somespeakers but should be good with M-L's.
I must confess I have not heard many of the new players, because of my location but I would give high marks to the audiomeca mephisto II. It sounds glorious (I realize not a very accurate description) and if appearance is any issue it is easily one of the most beautiful. If you have any questions drop me a line

I have not heard all of the aforementioned players but the best i've heard is the Electrocompanient EMC-1. The Sony SCD-1 with the ModWright "Absolute Truth" modifications is worth checking out too. With one of Modwright's "Direct Mod" options you can plug the SCD-1 directly into your amp.
Gotta agree with Blackchevy: my Electrocompaniet EMC-1 WITH Mk II DAC floats my boat REALLY well.
Before buying the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MKII, I auditioned in my system the Linn Ikemi, Burmester CD Player 992, and the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 3D CD Player. Although I could have lived happily with any of the above, particularly the Musical Fidelity, I most liked the Electrocompaniet, as it sounded more dynamic, warmer, and less like a digital component than the others . I highly recommend Virtual Dynamics cables with this player as well.
Another vote for EMC-1 mk 2.
The Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 3D CD player if you can still find one (only 500 made!) is still the best. Sounds pretty near to SACD.
I just purchased the EMC-1 mk 2
EMC-1 owners, are you using the balanced or single ended outputs? I recently purchased the EMC-1UP and I'm currently comparing it to a Modwright NS999ES with tube stage. I have to say, the Modwright Sony is right there neck and neck with the Electrocompaniet in every aspect from dynamics to soundstage. I'm using the balanced outputs, and I keep waiting to hear this "analog"-like sound from the EMC, but it's not there to my ears. Any feedback?
I agree the Capitole is great but there's a new kid on the block, the Lektor by Ancient Audio. CD2 Transport, tube output stage, proprietary "Silver" dac, optional volume control in the analog domain, optional analog inputs, and optional granite chassis and the most natural sound I've ever heard from cd's. I am the distributor and I only involve myself in products that really make music like Ancient Audio and Oskar Heil spkrs. Do yourself a favor and check it out at
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I've also found a new entry into this fray. It's called the Lector CDP-7T. There are three CDPs in the line that I've had the pleasure of listening to, the CDP-5, tube output front loader and very reasonably priced at $1500 retail. They also have an all SS CDP that retails for $2200 and then there is CDP-7T. The 7T is a two box top loading unit with a separate power supply that retails for $2995. I A/B it against my Metronome CD2-V Signature that had Telefunkin 6dj8 tubes and the CDP-7T smoked it. There was no comparison. If you were in the market for a new CDP, I would highly recommend giving this player a listen. Their website is BTW, I am in no way affiliated nor am I selling these fine CDPs, I've just had a chance to hear them and I know that everyone on Audiogon loves to hear about new gear and I'm just sharing what I've found........John