Best sounding and reliable CD changer?

I would like to hear from others here on AudiogoN what you have experienced with higher quality CD changers.

Looking for sonic quality and reliablility.

I may use with an outboard DAC for improved sonic qualities.

I do have a highend single player, but sometimes it would be nice to put on a few CDs on shuffle when I am busy and would like to have decent music that is convienient.

This may be too budget for you but from direct experience I can vouch for this Sony player.

Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player

I used this CD/SACD player to break-in all sorts of cables and equipment. I would put in 5 different break-in or test CDs and have it play for days/weeks on end. It never had any problems.

When I wasn't using it as a break-in tool and just listened to music is was very nice. No harsh treble and a bit laid back overall.

I've read the Adcom multi-disc changers from yesteryear were also very good. I don't know of any current multi-disc changers though.
I believe Elizabeth currently runs about five changers.
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Why hot just load your CDs into a iMac, use iTunes combined with Audionirvana Plus, into a outboard DAC, it does not get more convenient than that, and a heck of a lot better sounding that any CD changer.

Good Listening

The only good ones I ever heard were from Rotel and Marantz. I dont think they make it any more...either company.That was probably 5 years ago. My wife has the same pov for when she listens to music so I looked awhile back instead of a single player and couldnt find anything. In fact, if you do find something please post it here:-) I still have an old TEAC I got from COSTCo which is just ok. I keep it in line so she can use it. One of the reasons I am looking for better network player as she also likes Spotify, playing off her Ipad, etc. Good to keep her happy so I can buy more stuff.
With a DAC try the Onkyo DX390. I have read the Integra equivalent is better but haven't heard it. My Onkyo's been running for years...
It's the Onkyo DX-C390
I had a Marantz 5 disc changer that I gave to a friend years ago that's still working, as is the one I gave to my son then as well. Reason I gave it away is that I got a music server, which fills the same purpose and is more convenient to use. I think that, or a similar computer audio piece, would be the better way to go, as Peter suggested above.
I still have a Harmon Kardon HK8350 and a Marantz VC5200, which is a DVD/CD changer. The HK is CD only. Both are 5-disc changers.

Both of these are very nice and sound amazing good, but even better through an outboard DAC.

Excellent build quality and have lasted a very long time.
I run three Sony 355 units, each with 300 discs. They are chained together. All have optical output. All were purchased as refub's directly from Sony. Running them for almost four years now and no problems. I also have a Sony 595, five disc unit, which I use for SACD's. That also has been highly reliable, going on seven years now. The sound? Almost as good as my Sony 777, which I use in my main system. The changers are used in my office system. Even given I am an IT professional, it never made any sense to me to put my media on a computer, too time consuming, not a meaningful difference in sound quality. I do rip music to my mobile player.
not sure there are many (any) being made any longer so PARTS may be an issue for any of these machines should you need service.

the HIGHEST END unit I ever saw was the Nakamichi Dragon changer ... BEAUTIFUL but doubt they are supported any longer and you may end up with an expensive boat anchor
My name is mentioned??
Yes i currently have two SonySACD/CD changers,another SonyES changer, Then four of one brand I like, plus another on the way since just last night.
I buy used top of the line brands. Cheap. usually i will not spend over $75 shipped.
Note I am not mentioning my favorite 'other' brand besides Sony.., as i am still buying them. Why have competition?
I figure having a pile of the same ones will pay off as they die off.. Spare parts for the rest.

The main thing is find five disc changers which cost over $700 new in their day. Now typically under $50. Same ones some fools are asking $100 or $200. Crazy. Just sit and watch ebay. the cheap ones will show up. (and are just as good)
I find changers last just about forever. With a nice DAC they ROCK!.
Sorry i will not mention my current fav changer.
Take a look around for a used Adcon GCD-700, wonderful sounding and appears to be built well. The carousel can be a little noisy when rotating though.

The Onkyo C390 is also a good suggestion and of course the equivalent Integra model.

Anthen CD-1. Built like a tank with a Sony transport.
I changed out a tubed shanling cd/sacd player that I absolutely loved for a McIntosh MCD-205 about 18 months ago due to the convienience factor.

The 205 uses the Nak Music Bank changer which seems to be more reliable than carousel changers. McIntosh still stocks replacement parts for these and they are still serviceable.

Sound quality is excellent. I've also connected it to 2 External DACs and found I prefer the sound of the 205s DAC, so you may not need to purchase another box at additional cost, making the Mc a little more reasonable in price. Worth a look if your budget allows.