Best sounding: Aleph 0s or Aleph 3 ?

Tks for your comments on the above products.
Or do they sound the same ?
I have owned only the 3 and still own the 2s, I have not heard the 0s. I would think the 3 is the better deal and probably the better sounding since the 0 uses an additional gain stage. I upgraded to the 2s from my 3 and while it does offer more power I still think the 3 sounded better.
How about Aleph 5 ? also 2-stage with double wattage !
Depends on the speaker load. For 8 ohms the 2 gain stage versions are reputed to be better, but they will not drive a lower impedance as well as the 3 gain stage Aleph 0s which can put out a lot more current.