Best Soundcard for 2-ch Analog Recording

Hello All,

I'm wanting to put a good sound card in my computer so I can take output from my preamp and use it to record LP's. I'm looking for 2-channel with atleast 24-96 capability. So far, based on prior threads, I've compiled the following list:

ESI Waveterminal 192
M-Audio 24/96
Creative Labs Audigy 2 Platinum*
(* some questions about this one.)

I realize that things are likely changing fast. I'd appreciate any comments on the above list, and/or recommendations. I wouldn't mind buying used from a reliable source. My upper limit is aroung $200.

Thanks, Peter.

sound card (probably not good)
I've been reading a bit about this topic because I want to use the A-D convertors in my Anthem AVM20 to feed a digital signal to the soundcard for some processing of my old records (to get rid of rumble etc...). From what I have read, the Audigy 2 Platinum is reasonably good as is the Platinum EX. The A-D conversion within a computer is obviously not going to be great especially at the price point we're talking here but for reasonable compatibility with Microsoft Windows and decent quality the Audigy 2 series are okay...and on sale now that a replacement (the Audigy 2 zs) is here. If you don't play games and use the soundcard for ONLY audio stuff then the M-Audio and Terratec cards are supposed to be better...there are a number of comparative reviews on the internet if you do a "google" search.