Best sound ? Von Schweikert Vr 4jr or Aerial 10 t

I have a pair of late series Aerial 10-T speakers which are very nice sounding.....But I have wondered about how they compare with the Von Schweikert Vr-4jr....I have nothing but tube equipment.......I have been even thinking of maybe getting a pair of Wilson Watt Puppies 5.1....What do you think about this ??
I owned the 4jr speakers.They were nice,but not in the clsss of the 10=T which I never owned ,but longed for and often visited Soundex to listen to.
I agree with Transnova. The 10T is in another league completely. To compete with it in the VS line you would have to go atleast to the Gen III HSE.

That's good news, maybe I should keep my Aerials and maybe up-grade them.....If there is any up-grades.....Will
Will: About any Von Schweikert would be a major improvement over the Aerial 10T, perhaps the least coherent speaker I've ever heard. The highs were exaggerated and sounded like they were coming from another room than the midrange and bass. If you're into natural-sounding speakers, you can do a lot better than the Aerials.
Another vote for the 10t.
Another user for the VR-4jr, but I am a newbie to them. Several days so far and no complaints. I had ML SL3 electrostatics and these sound better so far. I have not biwired them, so the sound may change tomorrow when I do.
Keep the 10T's and go for a pair of Aerial 20T's (if you can) down the road, you'll NEVER look back.

I'm figuring a way to get a pair into my place, they're that good.
I heard the signature 3 a few days ago on an Ayre V1Xe. It was ok. The middle to upper midrange was beautiful but the bass and treble were not special. I wouldn't consider them when up against Aerial or Wilsons.
I am getting quite different opinions about these. I like the Aerials, but I thought that maybe I would try something else.....I also have a pair of Wilson Sophia's, which I love but the Aerials are in another system in a different room....Thats why I had even thought about some older Wilson Watt Puppies......I would much rather spend 3000.00 for some speakers than 6000.00 for some used Wilsons....No HI-FI stores around here so I can't listen to anything here.....Off to the big city, Seattle or Boise.
What problems are you experiencing with the 10Ts that is causing you to consider replacing them?
Tubes and 10ts, not a good match for me. Well, tube amps that is. The 10t are a demanding load. I would not run mine on anything other than quality SS amps. Give them at least 300 watts of excellent current source and you'll be amazed at how these speakers can sing. The most common complaint about the 10t is boomy bass that is usually caused by room interactions. I have never heard a 10t sound like 9rw describes but, like any speaker, matching with the wrong equipment can make for poor playback.
I build tube amps from 3/4 watt SET to 100 watt Williamson....I might build a higher out-put tube amp to try, but never a Solid State.....Its just not in me.....Accually I like the Aerials but you know how it is with new stuff....Its part of the new "economic plan"
I just thought I might like a little larger or a little louder......or may-be just a little newer.....I am enjoying the input from other Audiogon people.....
There are plenty of affordable high output Tube amps out there.Consonance Cyber 800's,Mesa Baron,Rogue 120/150/88 & 90 to name a few.I've also owned several "Tubey" solid state amps which are capable of driving the 10t's and just about anything else.They include The Muse model 160 series II,Plinius SA 100mk.III.and the venerable Hafler XL600.The Aragon 8008BB is also a very nice sounding amp that will dive whatever speakers you pair it with.
BTW,The VS VR-4SE is an amazing speaker!