Best Sound speaker cable for JBL 3 way monitors, Pure Silver ?

Has anyone auditioned 5n Pure Silver Speaker cables with no terminals just bare wire ?
Not sure if this helps. I have a set of Clear Day silver cables on a second system. Bare wire, no plugs. They look to be 18 gauge. They took a long time to burn in and initially were worse than copper Romex. Now they are great with detail and air.
Look at the DIY Neotech thread posted recently. Interesting flat OCC copper cables. I use OCC/Teflon cables in main set-up. 
Hello,  How many hrs. would you say to burn in ?
Kenrick sound from Japan  is one of the leading restorer's of JBL's in the world today.
They swear by 5n Pure Silver speaker cables with no termination at either end .
Believe it or not but there was a time when I was young and inexperienced and gullible enough to swallow such stories. In fact the exact same story you are falling for, 5 nines pure silver wire. Well who doesn't want to believe they're smart enough to figure it out and save some money? No one. That's who. That's why people keep falling for it.

So I built the magic cable and it worked so good there's probably several inches left in my used cable drawer, where crap cables go to die. Most of it got cut up into mods where its slightly better than ordinary wire and only a few inches can't mess anything up to bad anyway.

In hindsight it should take like about ten seconds to realize anything too good to be true really is too good to be true. Any of these stories, really does not matter what the details are, any time it winds up with you being able to do something cheap better than guys who have made their living doing it, dream on. Not happening. For the simple reason if it did work then in no time flat everyone would be doing it, only some of them would figure out how to do it even better, and away we go. 

But there is a saying, Experience is the teacher of Man, and he will learn at no other.

So forget everything I said. It is after all only my experience. Feel free to not learn from it. Go make your mistakes. Just eventually at some point please do learn from your experience and let others know. Someone somewhere may happen to listen and learn. You never know.