Best sound on classic rock cds

Yes I am old. What classic rock cds have surprised and pleased you with the sound? 1965-1972 is about the time. I have 3 versions of some, not always an improvement, but sometimes quite happy with the results. By the way, I also love Jazz so I am not totally hopeless.
I think the 1995 re-issue of The Who's - "Who's Next" is pretty good. Of course, it is often mentioned in "best rock album of all time" threads, and the re-issue is much better than the earlier version I also own. It is MCAD-11269 in the catalog.


I'm pretty impressed with the sound quality of the Jimi Hendrix Blues CD.
For some reason, I have been listening to these two of late:

The Who "Live at Leeds" (deluxe edition): especially like the "warm up" songs that were left off the original 1970 release like "Tattoo" and "Happy Jack", before they run through Tommy
Jimi Hendrix "First Rays of a New Sun"(this 1996 issue that combines his three posthumous albums under the mixes authorized by the estate)
If you have SACD as an option, the re-issue of Genesis' "Trick of the Tail" and "Duke" are very nice. So is "Frampton Comes Alive," "Boston," and of course "Dark Side of the Moon"

If not, consider the following XRCD options: Dire Sraits "Brothers in Arms" or The Eagles "Hell Freezes Over"

After that, for me, its vinyl
Who's next - deluxe edition. "Tommy" hybrid sacd deluxe edition. Live at Leeds, the two disc version with Tommy live. 40th anniversery DOORS, all are great. CCR - hybrid sacd from Acoustic sounds, yum. Tull re-masters are generally good. Yes, re-masters are good. Allman Brothers live at Fillmore , Deluxe edition is great. Marley re-masters, tuff gong are great as is his box set "songs of freedom." Marshall Tucker SHOUT re-masters are good. Hendrix "are you experienced" box set has some great sound, somewhat mixed but if you like Hendrix, yeah. Beatles Anthology 2 & 3 is much better sound than their official albums, but different versions, some just snippets, really good though . Stones hybrid sacd's are fantastic ( 2002 Abkco) Dylan hybrid sacd's the same. Ray Charles ( black tin can, three cd's (cheap), 1 has Ray sings, Basie swings - accept no substitutes. All the SONET blues series have good sound such as Otis Rush, Snooks Eaglin, Mighty Joe Young, Memphis Slim, T-bone Walker. Gatesmouth Brown yes. Bufffalo Springfield box set is fantastic sound. Same with the Neil Young - "Live at Massey Hall." Santana re-masters are good. Little Feat box set is exceptional for sound, though a little too comprehensive. The Kinks hybrid sacds are great.
Then there is southern rock which would include the SACD of th e Allman Brothers Live at the Filmore (mentioned above) and Eat a Peach and the Lynyrd Skynyrds Thirtieth Anniversary Collection on CD. Free Bird is the all time air guitar peice. I second the Dire Straits Brothers in Arms on SACD
The Boy From New York City - The Ad Libs - 1964 - amazing sound quality.
The remastered Deep Purple (In Rock, Machine Head, Made in Japan, Who Do We Think We Are) on Rhino are excellent as is "In Concert 1970/72" on Spitfire, which, BTW, features FABULOUS performances.
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I own many Who cds , including the ones mentioned. I have many Kinks, Stones, Hendrix, and Doors in SACD and remastered versions. I appreciate your input. Thanks
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- Thin Lizzy-Thin Lizzy disc on Deram/ 820 528-2 (recorded 1971) It's weird how much better this sounds than most rock CDs . Don't know how any other CD versions of this one stack up.

- Little Green Bag/George Baker Selection- from '70s Smash Hits Vol. 2 on Rhino also sounds ridiculously good.
Grand funk railroad... All of their remasters are killer,and I was not a fan, these recordings really shined however.. Not sure the years they came out but I think sometime between 1999 and 2002... Figured I would mention something not already above.
I've got a gold CD of Chicago's first "Chicago Transit Authority" that sounds pretty good. Only Chicago album I really like although they had plenty of great singles after this album.
Capitol recently reissued Linda Ronstadt's four albums for the label on a remastered two cd set and they sound pretty good.

This is when Linda was more country or country rock. Definitely not as rockin' as her later stuff. Heart Like A Wheel is the last album on this set.