Best Sound at the California Audio Show, thoughts?

Personally my favorite was the (unknown to me) Mythology M1 monitors by Enigmacoustics driven by Ayre. 15K but so uncolored yet gorgeous sounding.The mounted super tweeter lent it some fullness yet fatigue, but on the whole, I love shows that introduce me to products I would have never known.
That super-tweeter, also shown across the hall with a pair of Magico speakers, produced absolutely gorgeous high frequencies. But as seductive as that was, I think there was too much of it. It's not like the Magicos roll off at 10K. Can you add this kind of additional high-frequency without it becoming too much? Only two level adjustments in addition to three xover points. An intriguing product for sure.

I liked this hotel a lot for a show. Lots of rooms of a good, medium size instead of everything being too big or too small. Well done, Dagogo. I liked a lot of rooms. A few shout-outs:

Stephen Lester's room with the great video and Tannoy speakers. Great content, too. I didn't want to leave.

The Music First room on the third floor. R2R source, Audio Note speakers, tubes and the remarkable Baby Reference pre.

Nearby, the Audio Note UK room had, for the first time, an all Level 5 system. I can't imagine what it cost but it was great to listen to.

The Voxativ π speakers.

High Fidelity Cables with the Affirm Audio folded horns.

Dynaudio Confidence C2 with BMC electronics.

KEF Blades.

Vivid Giya G3 with VTL, Brinkman and dCS.

Loggie Audio's big YG room as well as his smaller room with Acapella.

The Spendor SP 1/2 R2 impressed me in the Blue Moon Audio room.

The Mad Dog Alpha Dog headphones, featuring an internal structure manufactured via 3D printing.
What frequency range was the suoper tweeter handling?
This was my first audio show and I was in hog heaven.

My favorite room was Wilson Audio speakers being driven by Spectral monos. I've never heard such a big sound before with a humongous soundstage.

There were many rooms I also enjoyed: The Salk room with the SS8 with the Salk Stream source sounded Awesome.

Also really liked the Kef Blades.
The super-tweeter has a high-pass filter that you can set at 8K, 10K or 12K. It feeds off the terminals of your speakers, which continue to run full range. This may be different in the Mythology M1's, which were built specifically to take advantage of this tweeter.
There is great sounding gear and then there's music. Certainly plenty of the former to go around. Plus one for the Music First Room as well as Loggies' Audio collection; although I didn't feel the Acapella room was tuned quite as well as past shows ... seemed just a little too "in your face."

As far as music, I really enjoyed the Sumiko/ Sonus Faber setup. The other really natural sounding room was Zu. Both of these featured tubes and vinyl .. go figure. Legacy did a great job of creating "you are there" at the festival feel. Best large speakers IMHO.

Also want to give big thumbs up to Fritz Speakers Rev 5 with all WyWyires cabling. Very similar character to Sonus Faber in their ability to do great mid-range along with quality bass sans the woofer (down to about 30Hz).

All in all, another very good show.