Best sound at RMAF

Room #535 by a long shot. Vyger TT, AirTight PC-1 Cart, Kharma speakers, Tenor Audio Amp.
Room #9025 E.A.R. USA All EAR but the 2 Dynavector XV-1S M/S.& cables.

Most disappointing. Most of the rooms.

The Fry Street Quartet that was playing was the ear mark for all rooms and many fell short. Passing by them playing was a relief from the different gear being played. I ran out of some rooms. The greatest speaker on the planet.......... not.

It was the simple systems that were musical that was worth hanging around and spending time with. Harbeth for example.

Big money systems with no TT, I don't get that.

I own all Audio Note and I was let down by the level 2 presentation as my system is much better. Not that it was bad but AN can get best sound at the show with a level 5 system.

All in all it was worth going to.

Thanks to Audiogon, Darrin of Audio Limits, Brian of Aaudio Imports and Peter Q from Audio Note I can say I have a system that sounds so much better than what I heard at the show. That my friends is what it is all about.
So happy I am that I didn't have to spend two, three times the money to have what I have. Audiogon rules!!
This was my second year and here are my picks. I refuse to list a speaker that doesn't have adequate bass response to be realistic to what's recorded.
1. Acapella Triolons
2 Scaena line array plus subs
3 Thiel 3.7
4 Sunny Cables horn speakers
5 Mark & Daniel Aragon
I figured the first two would be great but the Thiel was the big shocker for me. Probably the best top to bottom balance and imaging of all. I went back 3 times and every time walked out stunned.
As for Mark&Daniel, I think their Heil type air motion driver is awesome. The upper notes on a piano sound so real. Can't wait to hear their two biggest ones (Apollo 1&2) with the largest version of the AMT. Tough to integrate with the woofers though.
I heard lots of great speakers as far as resolution and clarity but most just don't have any foundation. They sound great until you hear the same cut on a speaker that has the lower freq. done well.
I would say the TAD/Bel Canto room for overall realistic performance. The smaller rooms physically couldn't compete because of the limitations of the room. With that being said, however, I had to wonder why the guys with the smaller rooms didn't do more to make them sound better. For instance, every room had a mirror attached to the wall on the right side (as you were facing the speakers) which could not be taken down. A number of rooms had covered that mirror to avoid the earlier reflection it would cause but MANY more just left it uncovered - should be no surprise those rooms sounded bright. Other rooms had glass patio doors that weren't covered, listening chairs sitting 3-4 feet from the speakers, speakers sitting a couple inches from the side or front walls, etc. Its little things like that which drive me crazy. They are exhibiting equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars but they won't take the time to demo it correctly! Anyway, I would say the new BlueCircle speakers were very good and Jim Salk's HT3s were very impressive as well. I mostly enjoy talking to the various "characters" in the hi-fi industry since the actual listening is so compromised.
As, on Audioasylum, I am odd man out. I spent some time in the Pioneer room but only got to hear the TADs, rather than the much better sounding, SX-1s, which were not even at the show. To my ears the TADs always sound slow and wooden.

I thought the MBLs sounded just okay as usual, especially as I remember when they were unlistenable a few years ago. I walked in and out of the Wilson suite. The Cogent suite showed the beautiful compression drivers again, but had no bass nor any impact, just liveless.

As usual there was little to listen to until Sunday as nearly everything was brand new on Thursday at earliest. I continually vow to attend only the last day of shows, but never do it.

Before Sunday only the Grand Veena suite sounded any good. On Sunday, the Feastrex suite, the LSA suite, and the Acapella suite sounded quite good--quite a range of prices.
I had to go to a wedding this year and wasn't able to attend. However, I'm surprised that no one liked the Soundings/Sumiko suite. I was mightily impressed in years past by good gear, properly setup. Were they there?

I've mentioned on a few different threads how much I liked the two rooms sponsored by Soundings. In fact, I've now done some business with them and am expecting a new pair of VA Strauss speakers to come rumbling up my driveway any day now. For all the bad sound blamed on the crappy hotel rooms, Soundings really made the most of what there was. The room with Primare electronics and the VA Beethovan Baby Grands was shockingly impressive for such a relatively modest system. The other room, featuring VA Mahlers and Rowland electronics was even more acoustically stunning. Not only did I get to meet and briefly speak to Jeff Rowland himself, but all the staff from Soundings and Sumiko were extremely knowledgeable and cheerful; despite, being stuck in hot demo rooms for several days.