Best souding Fleetwood Mac CD's

I read somewhare that some of the Fleetwood Mac CD's had been remastered recently, and that some of the newer versions offered much better sound. However, I've been unable to relocate this post/article, so I hoped to find some FM fan that might be able to help me out.

Looking for the best sounding copies of Rumors, Tango in the Night, etc.

All I can tell you is I just bought the remastered TUSK -and it is incredible! It bears no resemblence to the flat dull original CD - this has life, presence, soundstage, shimmering cymbals, everything you'd ever want, especially nice for an older recording. The bonus disc is cool, but it's the original disc (with a full length "Sara" btw) that is worth listening to Over and Over.
If the other remasters are this good, I may have to re-buy them all!
Rumors is available in DVD-audio. Absolutely A+ awesome sound plus valuable video including lyrics, behind the scenes stories and vintage photos. Gaucho also available in SACD and I believe Dvd-audio version exists as well. Enjoy.
Anyone without Stevie Nicks on it.
english rose-on a japanese mini lp cd.......all the pre buckingham nicks stuff is essential