Best Sony DVDplayer for music?

Hi, Since there are so many DVD models made by Sony these days. Which model do you think is the best DVD player for CD playback quality (in the $1,000 range)? Thanks.
Well lets see. Sony's best DVD player is the 7700 and it sells for $1000 new and $600 used. Hmmm. I think you can figure out the rest.
I have both Sonys, a DVP-7000 and a DVP-7700. I use the DVP-7000 in my home theater system and the DVP-7700 with a Monarchy 22-A DAC in my music system. The DVP-7700 on its own is a great sounding cd player but the Monarchy DAC adds a little more detail. Most people will never hear the difference it just depends on your system and what you are listing for. Mike
Wait for the new DVP-9000ES. It has a 12 bit video DAC and SACD capability for under $1500. I found that my Pioneer DV-05 sounds better than my Sony DVP-7700.