Best sonics/music on CD

What are your three best CD's where you would rate the sonics and music a 10?.

1. Michel Camilo: Triangulo, Label Telarc (Jazz)

2. Leopold Stokowski: Rhapsodies, Label Living Stereo (classical)

3. Antonio Vivaldi: La Straganza - Rachel Podger: Arte Dei Suonatori, Label Channel Classics (classical)

All three of these CD's are hard to pull away from and I never tire listening to them.
Mapleshade CDs.
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World soundtrack

Ella Fitzgerald "Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie"

Louis and Ella, "Again", MoFi dual disc
First that come to mind:

Porcupine Tree "In Absentia" CD

Tool "Lateralus" CD

Donald Fagan "Morph the Cat" DVD-A

many others...both sonics and musical content...
Steven Bernstein - "Diaspora Soul"/"Diaspora Hollywood"/"Diaspora Blues"
Wayne Horvitz - "Sweeter Than The Day"
Bar Kokhba Sextet - John Zorn 50th B'day Celebration Live

...and I'll have to throw in a 4th: Tool - "10,000 Days"

Thanks for making it so easy to listen to your tunes.
Sweeter Than The Day by Wayne Horvitz sounds inviting.
Glory, here's one just for you. I think you'll like it.

Blind Boys of Alabama "Atom Bomb".
You're quite welcome, Glory. Funny, I listened to "Sweeter Than the Day" twice today, and am certain that anyone in this community would be thrilled with that recording.

Another one that is highly accessible, and absolutely stunning, is Anouar Brahem - "Le Pas du Chat Noir"
I have found that on my *lower* end system that some cd's have their "
diamonds" or so to speak whereas most of the disc is sonically lacking
for some reason in my opinion. I would assume that some of this is a
limitation of my system but never the less...the one artist that for me stands
out as having the most consistent sonic quality for the CD's & SACD's I have
would say is Beck IMO.

Interestingly enough...I was turned on to a band called Air by a Seattle Stereo
shop and am now listening to '10000Hz Legend'...turns out that Beck hooked
up with them on this album for a couple tracks.

So what's the deal with him being a Scientologist anyways?
Doug McLeod (XRCD) Come to Find
Lightning Hopkins (XRCD) Goin' Away
Madeleine Peyroux's new one: Half the Perfect World. Duet with KD Lang is worth the admission...

Now how did you know I would ravitate towords music such as Atom Bomb. Yikes! you must be prophetic of some sort. :>) I did listen to all the cuts on line and liked it. I will track it down and buy it. BTW, I am enjoying the Simmens CCa Gray Plates in my dac you sold me as it really takes the sonics to a larger sound stage. Thanks.

The problem with Gospel/Christian music is sound quality. My system tears it up and spits it out. Phil Keaggy is one of the few that makes the grade for me.
"Body Acoustic"
David Chesky

"Blue Moon Swamp"
John Fogerty

Bill Frisell

and on and on and on
some of my favorites are listed - here's one I just picked up:

Erik Truffaz - "Bending New Corners"

These recent acquisitions have floored me:

1) Mark Knopfler "Sailing To Philadelphia"
2) Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds"
3) Pat Metheny "Imaginary Day"

The sonics on these are *astounding*, all of them are DTS encoded. The music is sublime...

Temptation, Holly Cole
El Cant Del Sibil La, Montserrat Figueras, Jordi Savall
Le Pas du Chat Noir, Anuoar Brahem

Many more but these are three I never tire of. Howard, are you saying "Sweeter than the Day" is like Le Pas? If so, I'll be looking for it.

Howard, are you saying "Sweeter than the Day" is like Le Pas? If so, I'll be looking for it.
Musically, the Horvitz stuff is a bit more structured. But I think it would have appeal to virtually anyone who likes jazz at any level. Wayne Horvitz made a studio album with this same title, as well as this live recording. Both are very good, but I especially like the live one. It is on Kufala records, which are marketed as 'authorized bootlegs'.

One of the most unique recordings I've ever heard, one I find highly addictive, is Pierre Yves Mace - "Faux Jumeaux". Marco, I think this would be one of your favorites.
Boa2, I ordered (acutually won on ebay) Sweeter Than the Day. The little excerpts sold me. thanks :)
Sure thing, Warren. I hope you enjoy it.

Marco, I love Temptation by Holly Cole, but the recording just doesn't hold up with time: sound wise. Not audiophile level for these ears, but the music reins, no matter.... :)
Marco, I love Temptation by Holly Cole, but the recording just doesn't hold up with time: sound wise.Not audiophile level for these ears, but the music reins, no matter.... :)

One word for you my friend: Q-Tips...or is that two words? Jeez Warren, what's not to like about the recording. Fabulous details, great soundstage, wonderful sultry, smoky vocals that are so present it's like Holly is there whispering in your ear. Great interpretations of great music. What more could you ask for? What's lacking for you that takes it out of the realms of "audiophile level" recording? Can you expand on the time factor? Just curious. You've stopped using the CD's as coasters like I told you, haven't you? It took me a bit of elbow grease to get the coffee mug rings from those Patti Smith CD's I bought from you. I was complaining in a thread about Joni Mitchel's classic "Blue" on CD and how bad the sonics were there, and had two or three disagree with me, so I got me some Q-tips now. Joni still doesn't sound that great, but I do love that album regardless.

Marco :-)
Firstly, I love this album. Holly's voice? Good at best, but 'tis smoky and intoxicating. She doesn't cut it (vocally) on her other albums. Purchased them all. Que Sera Sera? Give me a break. Anyway getting back to the sound quality: 4 string electric bass? Maybe a little too electrified for my taste. Doesn't have a warm (toasty) acoustic sound, which is what I would prefer. Overpowering and stuffy IMHO. It is a wonderful recording, but not what these ears would call 4 star, audiophile, or plain ole superlative. Q tips? "Joni still doesn't sound that great, but I do love that album, regardless." I feel the same way 'bout Holly. What can I say, I'm a female vocal snob. Don't stop me from owning, listening, and loving Holly and the like. Marco, be gentle with :)
Fair enough Warren. I hear you, but don't necessarily have the same experience (obviously)...whatever will be, will be... I tried a few other Holly Cole CD's and could not connect with any of them as I did with this one. Nor did any of the others occur to me as well recorded and creatively 'textured' as the music on Temptation. I wore out my LP of Blue, and that spoiled me for the CD I guess. Bugger all! It's almost enought to get a turntable rig again.

The more I think of it, the enjoyment of Temptation is due to Tom Waitts. Great material. Her other choices of music don't hold up. I put her with Pat Barber voice wise. Now PB's recordings are killer. But that's another story...
1) John Coletrane with Johnny Hartman . Great Singer, great sonics and a pretty good horn player. Everything that makes music so meaningful to me.
2) Louis Armstong with Duke Ellington 2 cd Remaster. The two most important figures in American music together in a small group setting playing great tunes and the sound is just unbelievable. Joyful is the best way to describe the session.
3) Tony Bennett with Bill Evans. There is better music out there but the sonics, especially on piano is just out of this world. Bennetts voice never sounded better or more natural. You feel like you could touch them.
4) So, so many others. - jim
Boa2, thanks for the tip. Sweeter Than the Day is just that: sweet, holographic (in my rig) and very intimate. I love it...