Best Song or AlbumTitles?

This is admittedly a stupid thread, and a waste of your time. But, for amusement sake, please indulge me.

All of us have our favorite bands, favorite genres and so on. But what are your favorite song or album titles?

There have been some very clever titles over the years.

I'd like to begin with my favorites:

"Careful with that ax, Eugene" the Pink Floyd classic.

"The smoker you drink, the player you get" by Joe Walsh

"As falls Wichita so falls Wichita Falls" by Pat Metheny

frank zappa (suzie cream cheese)

david alen coe (little suzie shallow throat)

pat traverse (snortin whiskey & drinkin cocaine)
In no paricular order:
Leftoverture -- Kansas
All Hail Marx and Lennon -- Firesign Theater
Stop Making Sense -- Talking Heads
Twin Sons of Different Mothers -- Fogelberg and Weisberg
Jim White's got a few funny titles. Great music too. This latest is titled:

Dig a Hole in that Substrate and Tell Me What You See

Prior releases include:

Wrong-eyed Jesus and No Such Place (the latter is my favorite of his)

Great thread. I'm laughing my ass off reading album titles I've never heard of.

I think any "best of" is my least favorite.

Ones I like that come to mind are:

"Richest Man in Babylon" by Thievery Corporation. Are they talking about Saddam or Chalabi or what?

I also like R. L. Burnside's "A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey".