Best song for immediate impact when presenting or testing?

I, as most of you, have my regular tunes that I play or listen to when trying out a new system or playing music for friends. My current starter is 'Feels like Rain' by Aaron Neville. It engages me immediately because I love it so, but it is also very well recorded and has a bass voice doing backup which in the right system has a real visceral impact.

I was at an Audio shop recently, listening to my standards, and wanted to show the sales consultant a piece that he might not have heard. I played 'Golden Rust' off the Miles Gurtu album. After about 30 seconds, he pulled out his device and added the song to his favorites. I asked why did he add so quickly, and he said that the opening electronica had a three dimensional stereophonic quality that made a remarkable impression right off the bat. I paraphrase lightly; that was his comment.

What pieces do you play of any genre that have an immediate impact, especially for people listening to a good system for the first time?
Hey Laura- Gregory Porter
Just a Little Lovin’- Shelby Lynne
River Man- Lee Ritenour
New Love- Amos Lee
Babylon Sisters- Steely Dan
Flamenco Sketches- Miles Davis
Allman Brothers Band,  You Don,t Love Me, from Live at the Filmore.  Duane’s solo about 6 minutes in is so expressive and I also listen to the dual drummers.

Second choice is Take Five on SACD
  • East River Drive - Stanley Clarke
  • Feel No Pain - Sade
  • Lily Was Here - David A. Stewart featuring Candy Dufler
  • Moai - Monica Ramos
  • Sexy Paradise - Mariea Antoinette
  • Welcome - Lisa Lynne
  • West Indeed - U-NAM
Thomas Dolby- the flat earth. 
Beck- sea change
billy idol- rebel yell. 

All great recordings. All very different. 
"Almost Like the Blues"  Leonard Cohen
"Forget Her"   Jeff Buckley
"Milestones"   Bill Evans Trio
"Alabama"  John Coltrane
"Those Shoes"  Eagles
"Cousin John" Marcus Miller
"Edith and the Kingpin" live  Joni Mitchell