best song by Morphine?

Somebody recommended this band to me and i was thinking of adding a song to my ipod. Where should i start?
I really like "Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer" on their "The Night" album.
"Early to bed" from "Like Swimming"
Tough to choose just one from the excellent 1993 "Cure for Pain" effort. I would choose either "Buena" or "Cure for Pain" as these were the most popular. However, the whole record is wothwhile. You can sample a few of the tracks on

If I was forced to choose one: "Cure for Pain".


Im with Mmrog, "Like Swimming" is one of my favs... along with "French Fries with Pepper"

Has anyone noticed that the name of this band perfectly reflects thier music? It kinda sways around and flops down on the couch. How often do you find a band with a 1 word name that perfectly describes thier sound?

They could have also called it "Drunk" and nailed it on the head as well.

Agreed. Anything off Feels Like Swimming is worth a listen. What a tragic loss, they were a great band.

I third the 'like swimming' Rec and LOVE french fries with pepper. I got the pleasure of seeing these guys shortly before Sandeman died (which he did on stage.. Dallas I believe, somewhere in Texas anyway)

FWIW A friend of mine was friends with the singer, and all the guy ever wanted to do was play music and sing, which he did his entire life, and died doing. I'm sorry for the loss as I love the band and have everything they ever id, that I've found, but I don't feel cheated, he lived his life how he wanted, and died doing it! We should all be so lucky! At least he wasn't some little whiney sissy who killed himself (anyone thinking Kurt somebody??)
I agree with the Cure for Pain CD, all of the cuts are fantastic. If I had to choose just one track it would have to be "Thursday". I hope they got all the cash for those beer commercials featuring "Buena"
i'm surprise honey white was not mentioned. I heard honey white at the record store (yes, they sold records too) and just HAD to buy it. from there i have purchased all of their cds and singles except the night - i just can't find a clean pre-owned copy. . . . .

my favorites are whisper and radar
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