Best solvent to clean Vibrapod marks?

I "used" Vibrapods to isolate my gear on my audio rack. Well, come to find out, they leave a rubber like substance on the surface when you remove them to clean, etc. Does anyone know the best solvent that will remove this stuff, that won't take the stain or finish off the wood? I have tried some mild solvents to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I looked through the threads, but could not find any other references. Thanks!
Try some citrus based wood cleaner.
Sadly, the Vibrapod ooze has never come off my gear -- wood or metal -- one reason I no longer use these things. In their defense, they warn you about this. But the warning should be IN BIG LETTERS.
I'm afraid you're screwed. Rubber and many like products do not play well with wood finishes. Seems to be some type of chemical reaction which melts the rubber and fuses it to the wood finish, ruining the finish and even the surrounding area. Bummer. Ruined a nice sideboard cabinet top with some stupid rubber-like feet on a stupid amp stand. Now if I have to set feet like this on wood I put a small piece of packing tape on the bottom of the feet to isolate the rubber from the wood finish. You'll need to refinish the entire surface. Bummer.
I suspect that toluene or xylene will work but be very careful as both are quite flammable.

Avoid skin exposure as well.
Afterthought to my first post.

Toluene and xylene are very agressive solvents and may attack the coating/finish on your wood.

So if the wood has a topcoat, test a very very small area first. If the wood does not have a polyurethane or varnish finish, you have nothing to lose.
Try WD40. It will remove some rubber based items & not harm the product you are working with.
Good luck, John
Agree that ruber foot marks never come off. (except off glass) Best to use a sheet of card or thick paper cut to fit under the feet.
Usually trying to remove them makes things WORSE.
Thanks everyone for responding..I guess it is time for a new rack...:) I have already switched to Herbies Tenderfoot isolators and I highly recommend them. Nasty stuff..that Vibrapod goo....:(
Ronsonal Lighter Fluid (naphtha) the universal cleaning solvent. Won't hurt finishes, leaves no residue, even cleans NOS vacuum tubes without removing the delicate printing! Yes, it removes sorbothane (Vibrapod) markes cleanly, no problem.
Sorry, just tried Ronsonol on the only item I still have (Audiosource amp) that suffered from the Viprapods. Sorry, no effect. The stuff had actually etched the (metal) surface. Maybe if you catch it early enough.
Ronsonal has no effect on metal Dopogue (or did you mean the Vibrapods etched the surface?) Anyway, the 'metal' surface must have some kind of coating on it. Some of these clear coats are resin (epoxy) based and will absorb the solvents in sorbothane (or from rubber feet, if you stack other components on them.) Don't know why this happens with these clear coated surfaces (as opposed to painted surfaces) but it often does.
Sorry, I meant to be clear that the Vibrapod goo did indeed etch the (metal) top of the amp. So Ronsonol (or anything else) had no chance to correct the problem. Dave
If Vibrapods are sorbothane, they are a highly plasticized polyurethane, not rubber. Most polyurethanes will leech out plasticizers and oils over time. The goo will actually melt certain classes of thermoplastics. (It happens in our lab when parts cast from some highly specialised polyurethanes get set on a sheet of polystyrene and left for a couple of months.)

Use low density polyethylene ("Ziplock" bags or similar) as a buffer under the feet.

Also kerosene, charcoal lighter (naptha), or maybe Bestene, will remove the residue. Nothing you can do to fix any topcoat or remove the stain if on wood except refinish.

Jim S.