Best solid state amp upgrade from NAD 214?

Hello all. I'm looking to upgrade from my NAD 214 amp and NAD 1000 preamp. I just purchased some Gallo Reference 3.5 speakers with the Gallo SA sub amp, and I think it's time to move to a better amp and preamp. I'm thinking the amp should be first. I want to spend under $2000 ideally and am open to used equipment as well. Any ideas?
Emotiva XPA-2. Factory direct for $800.
I simply can't imagine doing any better for the price.
My friend has one it it competes with my much pricier Monarchy amps. Tons of power... very detailed, musical and well made. Runs his Maggie speakers barely getting warm.

There's also a Classe CP-35 preamp with remote posted for $895.
These two pieces would be a big step up from the NAD gear and under your budget.
Thanks for your comments. I'll check both of them out
I personally like using SS amp with a tube preamp.
For a tube preamp check out -
* Belles 21A Auricap Linestage preamp at $1,200,
* Primaluna Prologue Three preamp at $1,100,
* Eastern Electric Minimax preamp at $700
The first two preamps put you at the limit of your budget BUT you have a heck of a pre/amp combo. The last preamp is still a nice choice for less money. I do not have access to Blue Book prices so you'd need to to confirm fair market price for the preamps.
My friend runs a tube preamp into his Emotiva. Makes for a nice combination and a bit more musical versus the two other SS preamps he tried.
Parasound NewClassic 2100 preamp and 2250 amp or Parasound Halo P3 and A23. Contact me directly for details. 914-438-4988
You could also get an int. amp such as a Marantz 8004, NAD C275, Yamaha S2000, TEAC. I'd personally change out the pre-amp first and keep the amp. Perhaps try a used NAD C160/162 (used around $300) to match your NAD amp. You might really enjoy the convenience of a remote control. You have a nice amp, w/a few little modifications you would be very surprised how you could really improve the sound. If you really have the urge to change amps, check out the Parasounds as well. Good Luck!
One of the biggest upgrades I've done was when I went from an Adcom solid state GTP preamp (450?) to a quicksliver linestage with my NAD 214. The jump in performance was huge. I'm not familiar with the NAD 1000 but I wouldn't be surprised if you got the same gains I got.

After the Quicksilver, I went through several more expensive power amps before I found one that was much better than the 214. That there is a pretty good amp.
Wow. That's all good to hear about the NAD 214. There's one on ebay for about $100...maybe I should get a second one and get increased power by bridging them, and replace the preamp to start out my experimentations. Thanks for the feedback
I bridged a pair of 214s and really didn't notice much improvement, but if you can get one for $100 then what the heck, maybe with your speakers it may help (I had Magnepan MG12s at the time)
Bridging increases 1 ch. power but you have to use 8 ohm spks. I personally would not get the extra amp for that reason alone. You'll notice louder but not necessarily better quality sound. Go for a better pre-amp and use quality yet afforable interconnects and spk. wires. Also, look into APC power conditioners, surge protectors and voltage regulators. I got their $200 model (model # escapes me @ the moment) and for the $ extremely well worth every penny.
Well, the Gallo Reference 3.5's are indeed 8 ohm, so I'm good there. Just got the second NAD 214 for $105 on ebay. Looks to be in great shape. I think I will focus on a great pre-amp under $2000 for now and stick with the bridged 214's. I'm sure I will eventually upgrade to a better amp, but for $105, we'll see how this goes.