Best solid-state amp made anywhere

I'd like to open up this "best of" to include amps from New Zealand, Canada, France, England, Germany and (my personal favorite) Italy, as well as whoever else I've left out (no extraterrestrial amps, please). I have spent some time with the most amazing solid state amp - made by Aloia of Italy and uses an inductive (!) power supply. These amps have a naturalness and ease I haven't previously encountered in solid state, not even Pass or Claytons. Have you noticed that the Italians make superb audio equipment? In this country, audio engineering is to engineering as podiatry is to medicine. It just doesn't typically draw the cream of the crop. In Italy music matters far more, and audio equpiment is designed by people who will make an opera singer sing her part over if they aren't satisfied with her performance. Well enough sociology - what's your vote for best solid state amp?
Well what about Goldmund Mimesis 29.4 as finest ss amp made in Switzerland....20 years ahead from the rest of toy makers..with exception of Pass,Jeff Rowland and Ayre...
Captain you're almost right that all American made ss amplifiers are typically flawed and unmusical. Especially those from famous brands like Krell, Rowland, etc.. There is one company that makes the musical amplifiers in the world and it is US based. If neutrality, musicality with correct harmonics is what you're looking for, then the Lamm electronics is what you should listen to. I have heard the Aloia amplifier, as good as it is, it's just no match for the Lamms. Do your ears a favor and have a listen to their amps. rgds, david k.