Best Solid State Amp for Vandersteen Model 2 Speakers?

Hello Everyone! Can you please offer some insights?

I have Vandersteen Model 2CE speakers and I am upgrading to my *last* amplifier. Can you please share your experience in matching *high end* solid state amps with Vandersteen Model 2 speakers?

For context:
  • I now use a NAD 218 THX amp, so the new amp must substantially outperform this amp
  • I am good with either Class AB or Class D (switching) amps. (I cannot accommodate the heat of Class A amps)
  • In order to fit my audio stand, the amp must be no more than18 inches wide, 19 inches deep, and 16 inches high. (These measurements disqualify Pass, Bryston, and BAT amps)
  • I can go with mono-blocks or a stereo amp
  • I am looking for something that gets me to the Levinson, Ayre, Boulder, and Rowland level of performance
  • My budget is $3.5K (new or used)
Thank you for your thoughts!
I'll second the suggestion of a McCormack DNA amplifier (or two monoblocks) upgraded by SMC Audio. It's been years since I heard this combo (Vandersteen and McCormack), but I still recall the magic.
-- Howard 
Rebuilt PSE or McCormack. With that budget you might be able to double up and bi-amp with those brands. Some Krell’s can work nicely.
I would either get a Belles Aria monoblocks, or an Ayre MX-R monoblocks.
Definitely a move up from your NAD.
I had McCormack, but Ayre is a giant leap forward-no disrespect to Steve.

What is your preamp?
AYRE or McCormack as above.
Happy Listening!
Ayre MX-R monos for $3.5K?