Best software to burn a CD from a computer.

What is the easiest to use and what is the best sofeware to use to get the highest quality CDR's?
U have used Exact Audio Copy with great results. Download from the web.
Sorry!...still asleep! I have used EAC with great results.
I like Nero.
I use Exact Audio Copy to extract music to my hard-drive. As far as burning software...I have Nero, Musicmatch Jukebox Plus and a couple of others.

I have not found any to be better..all very good as far a the burn goes. The free ones I have tried are also good although slower and lacking some features of the PAY types.

Extracting would seem to be the most important aspect and burning more a matter of (ease of use). Musicmatch Jukebox Plus comes with free lifetime upgrades and is easy for me to use so I use it the, it's also a Jukebox.

I concur with EAC for ripping. Nero is good for audio CD burning, but I also like Feurio. I tend to use it more for audio than Nero.