Best smooth vocal jazz albums with flugelhorn/ trumpet/ saxophone accompaniment

Hi, I'm a newbie at this hobby and my musical tastes are changing as my audio system gets better. Right now I'm really into smooth jazz vocal albums preferably with flugelhorn/ trumpet/ saxophone playing along and was wondering what some of the better recordings are. I have had no prior experience in this genre of music, and am looking for something that can really make my audio system sing (Devialet Phantom gold duo). Thanks in advance
So we're in the middle of this procedure in the OR one day and they're playing smooth jazz and someone says is that Kenny G or whatever and I say something like what does it matter it all sounds the same. Then for whatever reason, the iPod or the station glitched, dunno, but they play the same song again. And the same guy who defended the unique and diverse character of smooth jazz says, well this one's pretty good! And I say, uh, its the same one again. And everyone, even the surgeon, they all look up and realize yeah it is, and everyone has a good laugh. 

So smooth jazz, good for relieving tension in the OR. 

That's about all I know about smooth jazz. That and, if you are seriously
looking for something that can really make my audio system sing
then look no further, you have come to the right place
Making audio systems sing is what I am all about.
You cannot do better than a White Hot Stamper. At least not without a half track and some master tapes. Maybe not even then.
Forget the Kenny G's of this world with their electronic gyrations. Pick up some good Chet Baker albums instead.

I would suggest Art Pepper’s Meet the Rhythm Section. Old school and very much the tip of a massive audio iceberg. Enjoy the discovery! 
I'm not sure where I even got the cut but Chris Botti plays with Natalie Merchant on the song "Wonder". It is a live recording and one of the best live recordings I have. Maybe another member can ID the album/performance it came from. The end of the cut features Botti in a timeless riff on a horn (trumpet?) of some kind.