Best Smooth Jazz Concert LA

Just to inform all of you who live around Los Angeles area that 94.7MHz The Wave Radio will have a biggest FREE smooth Jazz concert to raise money for Red Cross Relief Fund in NY (WTC). The concert will be held at the Great Western forum on Sunday OCT 14, 01 at 4PM-7PM.

You can get free tickets at any BestBuy stores(in LA area). And I'm gonna get one today as well. Right now, 22 artists have confirm to join the concert. Here are the names that I can remember:
Dave Koz, Kenny G, Peter White, Marc Antoine, Kirk Whalum, Patti Austin, David Benoit, Norman Brown, Al Jarreau, James Ingram... and more.

That's gonna be fun... Don't miss this great opportunity. I'm sure will be there.....

So that's what smooth jazz is? Those are the folks who play smooth jazz? I'll contribute more to the cause but I don't think I'll attend the concert. I'd prefer watching paint dry. Oil based paint. Chas
I'm with Chas. This is more aptly called "snooze" music. With so many other conduits to this good cause available, I'll pass. Don't live anywhere near LA anyway, but it still annoys me that these "musicians" make a [relative] bundle from doing something that totally misses the essence of jazz, i.e., improvisation, while so many truly creative individuals can't even make ends meet without subsidizing their income with other work. Of course, this raises the question of why so many people listen (Is that the right word?) to this stuff (Could you actually stay awake through 3 hours of it?)--but that's a whole other subject.