Best smaller Flat Screeen TV,? Sony Web-TV?

Sorry to post this on AudiogoN, but could not find a link for discussion forums on VideogoN.

My old, great in it's day Sony direct view XBR is good, but huge. Looking to buy a 24 to 40 inch flatscreen TV. I have noticed the Sony web browser models, but no comments to be had on their video performance.

Sony or no, what is the flat screen you have had good success with. Seems so many public places have this just a price thing?
Go on lots of discussions on TV's I personally like and own Elite for my main TV and Panasonic for my bedroom
I have had great success with a 32" Vizio and 26" Westinghouse (of all things) purchased from Costo. Both are 1080p.

Pictures are just great. There is no wifi or Netflix etc and connectivity on the Westinghouse is limited.