Best Small Sub

I have been working on building a setup for 50/50 music to HT. I am only running a 5.1 system. I have Dynaudio Audience 52s (LCR) and 42s (SLSR). I have a Halo A52 to power all the speakers. Currently I am using a Denon 3805 as a pre/probut will be upgrading that later on. I want to buy a sub next but it needs to be a small footprint. I dont really have any room in my 15X17 room with 15 foot ceilings. My seating arrangment has the LCR and TV 8 feet in front so it is very overpowering. I know it would be best if I used a large sub but would rather start with one small then buy another later on if i can make room. Can you offer any help of subs that would really sound great and mesh well with my system? I was looking at a sunfire and velodyne SPL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
It looks like you want to stay in the $1200 range on budget? I would recommend staying with the Dynaudio for your sub as well. I carry all the equipment you have listed, so hopefully you take this as an informative opinion. Nice start to a great sounding system by the way.

I recommend the Dynaudio Sub250 ($1000), it's a great small sub. The bass is clean and tight and extends and holds it's composure in the 30hz realm. Secondly, the Sub300 ($1500) will take you down to 25hz, which will help in HT. My personal favorite and the one I'm using in my own theater room right now is the Sub500. At $2K it's not cheap, but this sub is a phenominal performer.

The Denon is fine as a pre-pro for now. Buy a nice sub and it will definitey round out your system. Give me a shout via email if you want more detail.

You might also want to try the REL Q-108. Works great with both music and movies.
I like your thought for a veloydne, but i would go with the velodyne hgs
Hi, I have both a sunfire and velodyne hgs-12. I was just using a sunfire for both HT and music but did not sound right, in fact my HT system was not the best system for music. I listen to music more than Ht. I had to build a seperate system for music (kids and wife have taken over my living room and wanted a good music system)and I have tried the sunfire with my music system, I do not like the sunfire for music, It's a great HT sub but it was just not a musical sub, I could not get it to blend in and it overpowered my totem model 1 monitors no matter where I placed it. I bought a used velodyne hgs-12 for music and that sounded a better and more musical than the sunfire. it blended in better and kept up with my monitors and it was not overpowering. The velodyne would have made a decent HT sub, but the sunfire seem louder and more powerfull(great for HT). if I was to have one system is would the sub choice would be velodyne because of the music but, for HT the sunfire fills my 18 x 20 foot room with explosions and loud deep bass in HT. hoped This helped

Hey Y'all,

You might want to take a look at MJ Acoustic. For your needs I would recommend either the Reference 100 or the 150 Mk II. The sub I have is the Ref 150 Mk II. They have a small footprint, 12" x 12", have wonderful looking finishes at no extra cost and sound great. The best part of all is they hook up just like the Rel line of subs, meaning they use both a low and high level input that you can hook up simultaneously. They use a nutrik connector cable, also like the Rel line, for the high level input that hooks directly to your amp for seamless integration in a music system. It also packs incredible impact in HT for such a small box. I've only had mine in my system for less then a week but, so far, they sound great straight out of the box. Oh, I almost forgot all three of these subs also go down to 13 Hz. Yes, I said 13 Hz. I would not have believed it but I've heard it in my system. I have my HT/music system in a 15' x 18' room with my system set on the short wall with 8' ceilings but the back of the room is open to the rest of the house. Good luck with your search and keep us posted........John
What if I did 2 super jr.? From all I have been reading it will just be louder bass and not deeper. Would two super jr. be better than say 1 signature or REL Q108, or any of the other subs mentioned? What If I wanted to bypass the sub amp would any of the subs mentioned allow me to do this? I just received my second Halo A52 and have 2 channels left.
i can't bypass the amps on my velodyne hgs-12 and sunfire mkII. I wouldn't think you would want to bypass the sub's amp since they are matched to the driver and I would not want to put the extra burden on you stereo amp. as far as the 2 super juniors, for music I heard 2 sub are better although, I'm satisfied with my one hgs-12 for my music. On Ht, one should do fine if it puts out lots of spl.