Best Small Speaker System You've ever Heard

I'm learning so much from the "best speaker thread". I'd like to understand what the best small speaker system is that you've ever heard is.

I'll start:

JMlabs Micro Utopia BE driven by Manley 300B push pull mono-blocs; cabled with Nordost Valhalla

source was a TNT HRX with the heavy platter option and w/dynavector cart (not sure which one but around $4K)
through a Herron phono and pre amp

The 'little' system with the little speakers has a sweet treble that goes on for ever, flat frequency response, can be real punchy when they need to be, tonally very good (not Quad ESL 57 but very good), reproduces all genre except large orchestra

What makes it work in my opinion is the amps, cable, speaker synergy in this case.

Anyways wuod love the read about some best small speakers you have all heard.

Alon Adriana
I love my current system, Tube Technology CD player> Deja Vu Audio Preamp/Amp> JMlabs Original Micro-Utopias. It's organic and warm while still presenting plenty of detail. The Micro-Utopias are great sounding monitors, especially in my small room. They're easy to drive, love tubes, and have just enough bass.
ATC SCM10 with tube amp. After trying with over 1 dozen bookselves, this is still the best small speakers I have ever heard.
Celestion SL700 or, better yet, SL700se.
small cizeks driven by a tandberg receiver