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hello everybody, i want a small speaker, (for on a stand) like the b&w 805 nautilus. Everybody says it is good, But i can buy a jm lab electra 905.What would you do. I know the 805 aren't bad, but b&w never really convinced me, even not the 800. The only thing that i found good was quad esl (but goes not deep) and an jm-lab, i know jm-lab colors the sound, but i like it.(it was the topmodel of jm-lab)

I mean there are many other good brands, please tell me. The amplifier i have is an nad. But soon i will get an 75w push pull amp (tube) , brand : spark , newprice 2500 euro. (i get it from a friend because the man has 6 amps) so now looking for a very good speaker. I listen to classic, pop;rock, jazz, blues, (i like small arragnements a lot with a beutiful voice.)

thanx guys.
get the JM Lab Electra 906 instead of the 905.
Totem Model 1 is the best small speaker I've ever heard.
Pretyy tough to beat the Reference 3A MM De Capo
Green Mountain Audio Europa - time and phase aligned. Truly impressive. I love mine!
I gotta agree with Jim. The Reference 3A MM De Capo or De Capo(i) are great small speakers. I find them to be very involving with great detail and musicality. Additionally, they have the best bass performance of any small speaker that I've ever heard. They are fairly effecient and are easy to drive with as little as 2-3 watts. I currently drive mine with 2A3 SET Tube amp at 3.5 watt/channel.


I like the Proac 1SC. It does a good job on the mids and the highs and goes to the mid-upper bass on the low end. I would supplement it with a good powered subwoofer, something you might want for most small speakers anyhow. Good luck.
I'm with Jameswei on the ProAc Response 1SC. Also, they sound wonderful with tubes. If you go with a higher powered amp, at leastt 100 watts, also consider the ATC SCM-12's, very very dynamic and punchy, lots of snap and slam.
Kinima G1 from Zetagcorp. If you want a nice silk dome tweeter that is non fatiging, easy on your ears, check this out. Cardas bi-post and internal wires, non bloated mid-range, a fast woofer and craftsmanship with a real wood finish that is found on more expensive speakers. I have mine with an Audio Aero amp and cdp with excellent results. I compared Kinimas to JM sandwiched woofer speakers, B&Wcdm's and others in that price range. For contemp. jazz and classical trio music, these speakers will reveal every detail without coloration. They take about 4-500hrs to break-in, but it is worth it.
Buy the JM Lab because you have heard them and like them. Also, because you are using tubes. The 805s are slow and processed sounding. The Totem and Proac recommendations are excellent, but listen to them first before making a decision as they have a very different sound character.
I like my Totem Model 1's. You will need a good amp to bring out the sweetness of these speakers. The NAD won't do it. IMO
Try the Red Rose Music small speakers that were designed to run best with tubes.
Acoustic Energy AE1 Signatures, considered by many to be 1 of the top 10 mini moniters of all time. Not made anymore and hard to find used, guess no one is selling theirs.....I'm not selling mine
The AE1 MkII offers perhaps 85-90% of the performance of the AE1 Signatures, and are easier to find, I believe there is a pair on Audiogon right now for 700 buckaroonies
ATC SCM 7, ATC SCM 7, ATC SCM 7...........
The Reference 3A MM De Capo will not work well with your 75W tube amp. Look for a pair of used ATC SCM10( need a stand) for around $1000 to $1500 depends on the finish. If you want bigger sound, get the SCM20T. I found the JM Labs a bit analytical than ATCs.
Music perference is most important in choosing the right speaker. Proac Response 1SC is similar to B&W 805s except the B&W has rounder mids and Proac is lively and thinner sound.

Well, B&W and ATC are quite popular among recording studios. You can use them as your reference and try to figure out your taste.

I personally prefer none ported speaker. The ported speaker's bass is not as solid and tight feel. The only down side about none ported speakers is power hungry. The end result is more dense, dynamic and deeper bass than ported speakers I've audition.

Also, many people I know who got bookself speakers didn't like its bass response. If you love bass then bookshelf speakers is definitely not for you.
Finding the right speakers depends on persistence and chance. Persistence in arranging auditions and listening to candidates first hand with sources which one knows intimately. Chance because the dealers one visits may carry speakers one would never have thought of auditioning. In my last round of speaker auditioning we also listened to speakers from B&W, JM Lab, Dynaudio and others at various price points. I also recall a pair of mighty handsome Sonus Faber's. I can imagine that some speakers from the manufacturers named would do good service for some listeners, depending on personal preference. The speakers we did not like have not been mentioned. Given time, audition more broadly, then decide what you would like to live with. Otherwise, I concur with the above: since the JM Lab's have already passed muster, they would seem to be an excellent choice. Odysseus spent a good part of his life travelling about before Proteus told him what he already knew.
Second GMA Europas...their spacious, 3-d sound is very musical and involving...wont win the hyper- detail or bass wars...but their overall midrange phasecorrect coherency easily bested offerings at over 2 x the cost...great monitor...downside...they weigh 45lbs each...and are pretty ugly...but hey...nothings perfect!
I'm looking for the same thing ... top of my list is the DynAudio S1.4 and B&W signature 805. The totem mani was nice as well just not memorable... I really wanted to like the Thiel PSC.. not bad but not great. The Proac 1SC are really nice (I'm a huge proac fan) but the 1.4 had better bass with that wonderful proac mid...
Green Mountain Europa's again. Listen to these things. They do require a break in period of a few days minimum, but all I can say is "WOW" Cudo's to Roy Johnson for a breakthough design that needs to be heard. I don't agree with the butt ugly comments. Mine are very nice looking.
klipsch sb2
I have to disagree with S23chang. The De Capo will work beautifully with your 75 w tube amp. Everyone repeat after me: "The-DeCapo-is-not-just-an-SET-speaker" Good!

I run my De Capos with a 150-watt solid state amp. They play as loud, fast and deep as you possibly expect from a small speaker. The only limitation to the bass and volume in my system is my neighbors, nor the speakers. I am constantly explaining to people that the subwoofer attached to my system is NOT turned on--that's the De Capos.

For what it's worth, I've heard wonderful things about the ATC's as well (although I haven't heard them anywhere); however, they are supposed to be fairly power hungry. I'm sure your 75 tube watts would work, given your music preferences. But the De Capo is a pretty special speaker (that's why everyone gets so defensive about it); and I would put it up against a similarly-priced ATC any day for resolution and pure musicality.
Actually, a parliamentary point of procedure to go with my last post:

S23chang: Is your comment that De Capos wouldn't work with a 75 watt tube amp based on experience or intuition?

Of course everyone's entitled to their opinion. But I find it dangerous to make projections about equipment I haven't used.

I never say it won't work. Please re-read my previous post
I'm saying better to drive it with SET because it works "better" based on experience.
If you have a chance, you should give the Proac Response 2 (original version, not 2s) a listen. The original version Response 2 is front ported which makes room placement less subjective opposed to the 2s which is back ported. They are used in several AA and Positive-feedback mag. reviewer's systems. I have a pair and just love how they sound with tubes. They are a little bigger than the 1SC and give better bass response, but require really good stands to sound best (preferably the Target R2 stands). Should be priced about the same as the 1SC.
A surprisingly full sound, nicely balanced from highs to lows with a nice smooth midrange. The imaging is superb and the cabinetry is finished in a beautiful piano finish.
^^Quad 12L^^
Agreed. The Quads are definitley worth a listen. They don't have the dynamics and extension (or ultimate transparency) of the DC's, but I believe they're a lot less money as well. They are beautiful to look at, and have the hallmark Quad neutrality and refinement.

Even if the De Capo works 'better' in your experience with SET's, it does not follow that it "will not work well with your 75W tube amp."

On the contrary, it will, in my experience, work beautifully with more power, as I discussed in my first post. Depending on's listening habits and room size, he would likely run out of steam on his classical/orchestral music, pop and rock. He doesn't appear to be considering an SET anyway.

Sorry to get all semantic. I can only respond to what's in the post.
Cyounkman, once you hear De Capo with Jadis SE-300B then you'll know what the diffence it make compared to Hi power tube amp. The music is much livelier with the nice soft tone. This makes the high power amp sounded muddy and less transparent.
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I've recently owned the Quad 12L and Von Schweikert VR-1. Both FANTASTIC at less than 1K. I kept the VR-1 because I like the bigger soundstage, You need a sub with VR, the QUad has more bass. I coul live very happily with either of these!
The Sony SS M7a would impress you more than the B&W 805's. They are a stand mounted speaker with very good sound and a decent soundstage.
See my review if you are interested. I don't use mine anymore, but the review is accurate!
They can be found inexpensively and they are American designed and built.
I always thought that the older Linn Kans were a real nice sounding small speaker. I owned a pair for almost 10 years, and people always remarked about how "big" the sound was for such a small speaker. And they can sit right against the wall, out of the way.
I'd consider the Merlin TSM-M. I have no idea if it's "the best". I sure do think it's great, however.