Best small monitor speaker 4 small room acoustics?

I've been using using Merlin's excellent TSM-M 2 way sealed box monitors for my small HT/Music listening room as of late. I've played around with so so so many small rooms, and different gear in them, fidgiting extensively with potential speaker placement/seating arranement scanrios, etc. In all my years of tinkering, I have yet to find a better chioce for a flexible small room monitor for HT/Music dubties than the Merlins!!! When you're in small acoustic spaces, getting flat "non-boomy/peaky" sound from speakers is challenging. And the limited frequency extension and sealed box enclosure of the "easy to drive", tube friendly, TSM's allows placement nearer to walls in smalls spaces for proper balance!..something not easy with "ported" speakers. The Merlins are truely world class "passive" speakers, and cross over nicely at 80hz when set up right for doing DD/DTS with a sub!
My question is, has anyone out there had great experience with other speakers in small spaces?...which ones?
I've experimented with a ton of otherwise good speakers in small rooms(my current space is 12 X 13 X 8, bigger than in the past), such as Dunlavy SC1's, Thiel SCS3's, Thiel PCS's, Sonus Faber Minima Amators, Energy C2's, B&W Matrix 805's/601's, etc, NHT VS2's/1.5's,Super zero's/one's, Spenders, and a myriad of high and mid-fi type speakers(too much to list).
Again, I'm only trying to get feedack from people who've had good experince with higher end high fidelity type speakers in "small acoustic spaces" (i.e, smaller than 1400-1500 cubic feet). If you use a small room as your listening room, you probably know the problems associated with such rooms for good speaker/seating placment choices, and associated equipment. So, that said, any other comments on great speakers here? Like I said, I doubt you'll find anything better out there for small rooms that will do better than my Merlins! Thanks for any comments/suggestions
I have had wonderful results wiht the Revel M-20's in small rooms such as that. They are currently being driven to very satisfying levels in my smaller room with a 32 w.p.c. VAC 30/30 Mk. V Signature 300B tube amp. Sounds fantastic!
i have good results with totem one andproac response two monitors. if you want floor standing, the proac 1.5 is also wonderful. the totem will need mor power to drive. i am using proac 1.5 with mcintosh mc30 amps. good listening to you. curtis.
If I had a small room I would try the Reference 3A MM DeCapo i. At $2500.00 they are a hard speaker to beat from what I read. Terrific bass for there size.
I own both ProAc Response 1SCs and Tablette 50 Signatures and they are marvelous little speakers. Smooth, detailed and possessing a beautiful midrange. One thing to consider though is that they are a rear port design, so placement can get tricky. I have a 12 x 14 foot room with tons of stuff in it, but both speakers manage to throw a huge soundstage. I'm not sure if you'll like them more than your Merlins as that is quite subjective, but the ProAcs are definitely worth auditioning.
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My room fits your requirements. I'm using the Spendor 1/2's and couldn't be happier. They sound good to me and that's all that counts.
Pure digital w/no preamp.
My current set-up is Talon Audio Khites, and I am very happy. I have to move frequently for my job (5 times a year is my record, so far) and I never know what my space is going to be like. Usually smaller than I want, and everything from rental houses to apartments with concrete floors to sagging wood over a basement. The Khites are the easiest to set-up (no rear ports) and most musical monitors I have found.
I have a pair of 11 ohm LS3/5a in a tiny 10'x11'x8' room. They are placed away from the corners and back wall, and work well with an ACI Force sub. The LS3/5a were designed for a small enviroment.

For a later upgrade I'm considering Merlin, Silverline, and Reference DeCapo.
I have had great success with a pair of Acoustic Energy AE1's in a small space. They just vanish,leaving behind the music. I drove them with an Exposure XV integrated amp which is an excellent match. They go surprisingly low for such a small woofer.Give them a listen, I think you will be impressed with their capabilities.
I have always been cursed and blessed with small rooms. My current room is 12x16x8. I have gone through many speakers in 20+ years, but this past year I upgraded my system and listened to and lived with several speakers. I first borrowed a pair of Meadowlark Kestrals and them bought a used pair. Optimum placement (in my room) meant moving them for serious listening, so I opted to keep looking. My room did not allow them to excel but they are still an amazing speaker. Many 2 ways speakers sound good or very good. It all depends on your system and the room (including furniture). I have Pro Ac Response SCs in my office (12x14x10) and am very happy. If it was not for their stands, I would bring them home. Your Merlins are good, but I do not think as accurate as Meadowlark Vireos. The Vireos also allowed the greatest flexibility with placement since they are front ported. The new Meadowlark Swifts put all of them to shame. If we go back 20+ years Rogers SuperCompacts. For now, I am keeping the Vireos.
Aci Sapphire IIIs sound absolutely wonderful i my tiny room. They go amazingly low yet are very tight in the bass and clean.
Revel puts a lot of effort designing out first wall reflections etc. So they tend to more design out speaker / room interactions that can happen with other speakers. But you may not like their sound.