Best Small Floorstander for Rock Music -Magico/B&W

Hope the forum can help with some recommendations.

I have a smaller room - 13.5 by 15.5 feet.

Currently using all Bryston components. (lots of clean, high power)

For the past 5 years have been using B&W 804S which I like but have always felt a little bit harsh, not an impressive soundstage, and the bass a bit muddy.

Currently looking too upgrade. I have demoed the Magico V2 in my house and absolutely love it except I find the bass lacking. I just find a lack of emotion on the lower end, especially the bass drum and guitar just not extending. Part of this is very likely due to the Magico not being ported but I still feel a bitter mre bottom end presence would be a big improvement - I am not looking for a big slam speaker.

The size of the Magico V2 and 80S4 are perfect aesthetically for the room and ideally would like an option of similar sizing.

The V3 I have also heard but found it maybe a bit big for the room and the lower bass not much of an improvement over the V2 (however I did not hear them side by side so any comments on this would be welcome).
I have the 804's and love them. I do run a Rel sub that does blend in nice with the 804's. I run them with a Krell FBP 400cx amp and a Krell KCT. I find the bass to be fast and tight not mudded at all. Even with the sub turned off. I experience no harshness in the 804's like a lot of people claim they have. I think a lot of people under power the B&Ws. I find the more power you throw threw them the better they sound. Especially the lower end. What I've always believed in when setting up a system. I always choose my amp first, then the speakers. Let's face it with a good amp you can drive any speaker out there and do it well. As I state above a lot of people just under power the B&W's. I will say when I added the Rel sub my system really came to live.
I compared my PSB Synchrony Ones to B&W 802s and found the PSB to sound very similar, with smoother highs and better articulation in the bass. The midrange was similar enough that I couldnt decide which was better. they are not that large, and would fit in your room, and much cheaper.
Huuuuum,another odd post IMO.Magico against B&W,lol.Magico is in another league,so much I cant even compare the two.You will need a better amp if going with the"Magic".I also understand B&W is now made in China.Enough B&W bashing,let your own ears be the judge.
OHM Micro Walsh Tall or 1000s.

PSB Synchrony otherwise.
Since you're willing to spend Magico money, look at what Sonus Faber has to offer in your size and budget. I just auditioned a pair of Cremona M's and mm-mm-mm. Geez Louise these are great virtual reality devices!

They're good on all kinds of music but they have several things to commend them for rock, including a clean, tight, fast, articulate bass, engagingly transparent midrange, air and detail that draws you into the musical experience but doesn't distract or irritate, and most importantly, they're very dynamic with lots of "jump", something that you want for rock. If the Cremona M's are too big for the room (probably not), you could go with Liutos or with a stand-mounted product. With their high excursion drivers and rear ports, even the stand-mounted SFs should make good bass in a 13x15 room.

Given that higher sensitivity combined with power handling is a good combination for rock, you may want to consider something from Zu Audio appropriate to your room size.
Missioncoomery, if I were you I would get rid of those Raydos and get some good B&W's, you deserve better man ;o)

PS. B&W 800 series is made in England.
I have not heard magico but what you are looking for you will not find with B&W. I would add the Revel Studio 2 to your list to demo, good bass and an all around good speaker.
Add the Tidal Piano Cera to your considerations. I just bought a pair of these and they do every genre of music justice IMO. They allow for three low frequency adjustment curves and two high frequency adjustments to tune the speakers to a rooms size and "brightness." Here's a review that I've found accurate.
Missioncoomery, if I were you I would get rid of those Raydos and get some good B&W's, you deserve better man ;o)

You only wish you were me,lol....ya sumed it up with the word "Good"..thats about all ya get with China junk!!