Best small, easy to carry, music system

I know many in this forum are down on Bose. Yet, the Bose CD/wave radio provides good sound and is easy to take to different places. I use it when I go to the cabin, camping, or to a friends house when they don't have anything other than a cheap boom box. I've never met anyone who thought it sounded bad for what it is, a small, easy to carry, music system. Of course, most people aren't audiophiles, yet a friend who has a fantastic system, agrees, that for what it's for (not a main home system) it is impressive. For those who don't agree and have something better, please let me know what is? It must be small,easily portable,and better sounding than a Bose.
Same idea, but I thought the Cambridge Soundworks Model 88CD, now discontinued but replaced by the Model CD 740, sounded better and looked better than the Bose, and was cheaper. The company has exceptional customer service, as well.

Here's a link to the current model: CD 740
Some use the NAD L40 CD Receiver

Also check with Jeffloistarca. He travels a lot on business and has a travel system. The system is listed under his screen name in the Audiogon virtual systems. He may have some other ideas as well...