Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)

What small, nearfield (3 feet) desktop speakers do you use or like?
I'm looking to fit out my desk with something good but not expensive.
Music tastes are varied and I don't care about deep bass. I'd rather have good mids, highs.
Spending is capped at $500 max. Open to used, new. Would power these with Adcom separates, 60wpc.
Elac? Ascend? KEF? What would you advise?

Someone mentioned the RS minimus 7. Those are good, but there is a real hidden gem in the RS line up called the Optimus Pro LX-4. This is a ported Small bookshelf  speaker with a 4” Kevlar woofer and a lineaum tweeter. The imaging on these speakers is great, but if you spend about $20 to mod them, you will be amazed at how good these speakers sound. Considering that these routinely sell on EBay for $50 or less per pair, they may just be the audio bargain of the century. I’m not saying they’ll definitely outdo Every pair of $500 speakers out there, but there are plenty of speakers in that price range that these will hold their own against. I have a pair of these and have used them as near field and they excel at it. Take a chance on these. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 
Read this:

It has the mod instructions in the article too. 
I have some cherry linn tukans in excellent shape from a bedroom system. They do very well up against the wall. Contact me if interested - $435 shipped with insurance. 
Either of these are a steal:

I have a pair of the 4s on my desktop powered by a mini EL84 tube amp.

I also have a pair of the Swans powered monitors that are built like a tank in the closet that need a new home.

Best of luck.

Enjoy the music.

Thank you for the "thumbs up" on the Minimus 7's!!!

I've been on the lookout for a decent pair to use on my desk.

From what I understand, upgrading the crossover makes a marked difference to their sound quality?