Best skiinny floorstanders

After 10 years with a pair of Martin Logan Ethos speakers, I'm considering moving back to boxes, box speakers that is.   I'd like to avoid big obtrusive box speakers and am considering some skinny ones in the $8-12k range like the:
Devore Fidelity Super Nines
Boenicke w11s
.... other suggestions

The room - is around 18 by 30, parts with a low ceiling, carpeted, and the wall behind the speakers is books. Serves as gym in the early am when my wife pulls out the rowing machine and turns the tunes up loud, play room for the grandkids in the afternoon and listening room for me in the evenings.

Currently running all tubes but I'm open to changing that up too.
Taste in music - eclectic.

Thanks in advance!
Magico S1 or Radiho D3.2
I love the way everyone brings their own personal passion to this thread, from detailed descriptions of favorite speakers to one person who took the time to research and provide links to listings of used speakers for sales that matched my criteria.
More than one if you saw them?

Cheers George
The Manger P1’s are excellent.  
You asked about the Dev 9’s.  No one responded except to say that all of their obscure and idiosyncratic brands were great.  The Dev 9’s are spectacular, and if you were asking for opinions and reinforcement of your tastes, you got it.  Listen to what you like.  The rest doesn’t matter.
Spendor A Series and D Series are both fairly skinny, and nice options.  As mentioned a couple times above, the Joseph Audio Perspective is a fantastic choice as well!

(*dealer disclaimer...I'm a dealer for both Joseph and Spendor)