Best skiinny floorstanders

After 10 years with a pair of Martin Logan Ethos speakers, I'm considering moving back to boxes, box speakers that is.   I'd like to avoid big obtrusive box speakers and am considering some skinny ones in the $8-12k range like the:
Devore Fidelity Super Nines
Boenicke w11s
.... other suggestions

The room - is around 18 by 30, parts with a low ceiling, carpeted, and the wall behind the speakers is books. Serves as gym in the early am when my wife pulls out the rowing machine and turns the tunes up loud, play room for the grandkids in the afternoon and listening room for me in the evenings.

Currently running all tubes but I'm open to changing that up too.
Taste in music - eclectic.

Thanks in advance!

6.5" dia. @ base (nic tripod legs), 9" dia. @ radiators, 42" h.

All Walsh, all the time.

NFS...for now. *S* ;)

A sub would be nice...working on That, for the bassaholics...
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If I was going to spend that kind of money I would consider these KEF Blade 2s. They look to be nearly perfect condition. I own some 21 yr old KEF reference Model 4.2 and they sound great. I would assume the Blades would sound even better than my Reference 4.2s. I just had the 4.2s at Magnolia, testing amps, and compared them against the B&W 802 D3 ($22k) and Martin Logan ESL 15s and the 21 year old KEFs were very competitive.   KEF Blade 2 Floorstanding Speakers; Snow White Pair; Two - The Music Room (