Best single-malt Scotch...

I have to give credit to Redwiki for the inspiration to start this thread. Yes, certain malts better compliment certain music or certain moods. Of the fifteen or so different malts in my cabinet right now, my favorites are: Aberlour "Antique", similar to the popular Macallan, but not as syrupy; a bit drier, light hearted and less complicated; great with Mozart and Brubeck. Mortlach "Limited Edition" cask strength. Powerful, smoky, mysterious. Great with Bartok, Berg and late 'Trane. Loch Morar 25 yr old. Incredibly complex and intense, with a hint of honey and flowers. Great with Poulenc, Stravinsky and Bill Evans. Any other single-malt aficionados out there?
A few favorites come to mind. Aberlour 25 and Aberlour
A'bunadh. The Aberlour 25 is the smoothest single malt I have tasted to date. The A'bunadh has intense fruity flavors, a long finish and a slight honey and spice finish.
The Dalmore 12 and Balvenie Doublewood 12 (standard finish), both with a few drops of branch. Readily available, resonably priced and too thick for many Scotch lovers. I'm a Maker's Mark guy myself.
Dekay,We both like the same scotch Doublewood 12. smoky smooth.The 12 is 65.00 a bottle here i don,t think thats resonable though.Great scotch.
I don't drink Scotch so I wouldn't even dream of venturing a guess as to the Best. I just wanted to point out that it is soooo refreshing to see a thread where differences in brand names, product age and manufacturing techniques yield varying responses from the users, and no one is arguing as to whether the results are real or perceived.
Lagavulin. The standard 16 year old is awesome, the 25 and 30 year old special bottlings I picked up in the UK even better. Like Laphroig, this Islay is very much an acquired taste, with an even more pronnounced iodine aftertaste. Macallan 25 ain't shabby at all either.