Best Single Ended Integrated

Looking to source a top notch Single Ended Integrated amp, one with SET magic. Recommendations?
I have owned the Bel Canto Seti 40 and it is very nice. It's not single ended, but the Pathos Twin Towers (a hybrid design) is a significant improvement over the Bel Canto (I have had a capacitor mod performed on the Pathos which has made a nice difference).
Viva Sentesi 13 watt integrated.If power is an issue Glide3 advice on the twin towers is a good one. Glide3, could you tell me more about capacitor mod on the Pathos.The Sentesi is the finest amp I have heard to date.It replaced my all tube seperates. Lack of power can be frustrating at times. Careful in your choice of speakers. SET magic is Sentesi's middle name.
My advice is to buid your own. There are many recommended circuits in Sound Practices, Vacuum Tube Valley, Glass Audio, and a number of other magazines. If you want to buy one, I would recommend the Fi model Super X or the Fi X3 in the integrated versions (available from Don Garber, in Brooklyn, directly).
Brulee or anyone...any info. on Viva dealers in the North East US area?...thanks
Hi Rvisinta, The importer is in texas. I do not have a website but his telephone # is 214-327-2073. His name is Terry and he is very helpful.